Requiem for Maria Paseka’s International Career?

News that our beloved Ksenia A has an Amanar has prompted me to blog again. Rumours that it was her special wedding present for Bronners are as yet unconfirmed.

Here it is:

Not the most wonderful attempt ever seen, but it was certainly all the way round. Serviceable enough in a world where only the vilest 2.5s go below the high 8s in execution. She might manage 9 for that at worlds.

I get why she was crossing herself, because that thing was fairly dangerous. But not why Paseka was so happy. Because that noise, though it sounded like Afanasyeva twisting into the mat, was actually the sound of Maria’s chance at worlds going down the toilet. It renders her entirely irrelevant for EF purposes, certainly. Afan can do her vaults, and do them better. That leaves no point at all in taking her as a specialist for vault only. Still, not a bad career in all for someone who contribute nothing other than a short yet filthy Amanar and a half decent bars routine the team will never need anyway. Perhaps that’s why she was clapping. Few athletes in history have managed such a good medal return from their ability. Fair play to her- if nothing else, the big match temperament is there.

I’m not the only one to think this. The coaches have confirmed that the worlds team, barring injury, will be Mustafina, Komova, Grishina and Afan.  The only question, presumably, being who gets the third beam spot in prelims. I’m leaning towards thinking it might be Grishina, simply because if it were a bars only berth, surely Nabieva couldn’t yet be ruled out? She’s more consistent anyway- the coaches can’t have been pleased with Nastia throwing their 1-2 down the pan at Euros.

I suppose it’s possible that Paseka might make a 6 athlete worlds team next year, indeed if you add her and Dementyeva to the worlds lineup there are no obvious gaps and they’ve a challenger for every single title. But it’s hard to imagine we’ll be seeing her at anything important for a wee while. Can’t say I’m too sorry.

By Clara

10 responses to “Requiem for Maria Paseka’s International Career?

  • M

    Yeah Paseka needs to brush up on some other events because her on vault alone means zilch. Grishina is slowly improving, she has more confidence now since the new coach. It’s just a matter of consistency now, which she needs to get soon because we all know how Valentina has no patience.

    I wonder when Aliya will get a break, she has been doing everything for them but knowing her she probably doesn’t want to.

  • Stoi!

    I would really prefer to save Komova this year. This isnt the most important Worlds, really.

    I’m more partial to Grishina than most of our readers, but I’d have her and Aliya do AA. Komova bars and beam, Afanasyeva vault and floor.

    If Afan keeps the Amanar consistent, it’s highly probable she’ll do All-Around. But she’d really need her vault and floor scores to counteract her bars that will never climb out of the 13’s, and she certainly hasn’t been the picture of consistency on beam as of late.

    I understand people’s issue/frustration with Grishina’s inconsistency, but there’s no denying that she’s a true AA gymnast, and can rake in some big #’s when she’s on.

    Xo, Bronwyn

  • Stoi!

    If no Komova, I suspect Mustafina and Afan go AA. Paseka vault only, Grishina the other 3 events.

  • david

    more please, love your blogs 🙂

  • Jack

    weee, happy to see you blogging again! Who goes though if Vika is not ready? I really don’t buy any of the bs spewing out of the Rodionenkos.

  • Jordyn Beiber

    I just realized Kharenkova is not yet legal. Too bad. For sure we will see some elegant, grace splats from the Unabrower

  • Stoi!

    Unfortunately the last time Russia rolled with 3 AAers in prelims, they seemed to be competing for the Wieber slot, rather than to avoid it.

  • IllusionSpinBlog

    Kharenkova’s not old enough this year 😦 Although I hope to see her on the team next year! Her beam and floor are to dieee forrr
    So happy to see you two blogging again! Hope we see more from you!

  • calicocharlotte

    You’re alive!
    And I say, leave Grish at home and just bring Musty, Vika, and Afan and let them go head to head for the spots in AA. They’ll be forced to up their game to avoid being jordyn wieber’d out of the final. I would love to see Nabs again, though. Maybe she and Masha will be useful next year?

  • Jordyn Bieber

    About time you started blogging again! There’s a serious lack of humor on the gymternet since you been gone.
    My dream russian team for worlds: Mustafina, Komova, Afansyeva, Kharenkova. Leave inconsistent Grishina at home!

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