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Crap Scam?

News just in is that Biles and Iordache have both withdrawn. Gutted.

Scam having a weak international field is nothing new, indeed I’ve often said it functions best when it’s a US intrasquad and nobody tries to dress it up as anything else. 2008 boasted a really unimpressive┬ánon-US lineup, and yet it was one of the more interesting competitions of recent years. And that’s fine.

Plus, you can’t blame Iordache for not coming after she got so thoroughly hosed in 2012. Maybe she thought it wasn’t worth whatever the prize money for third place is: one assumes she wasn’t labouring under the delusion that she would be allowed to come any higher.

But it’s pretty disappointing that we won’t be seeing any of the Americans who recently dominated worlds. We’re not greedy, it didn’t have to be all three. One would have been good though. I don’t mind Price, she has a great Amanar and swings some nice bars so why not? And Dowell’s improvised bars sets are always interesting- there’s the potential for a totally barnstorming set in there, if only she was coached by someone more sensible than Al Fong. Incidentally, am I the only one who’s shocked to see her get anywhere near an assignment again after Al’s post worlds strop? The obvious conclusion to draw is that the US don’t really have anyone worth seeing in the AA at the moment.

So really, I can’t help feeling a bit underwhelmed. It seems a bit like the main entertainment is going to consist of watching Ferlito and Price interact, and perhaps taking bets on whether she says anything racist after she gets her arse handed to her by yet another black girl.

Let’s hope I’m wrong.

By Clara