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(Last) Weekend Round Up: The Bad

It wasn’t all positive, alas. Though we enjoyed a great deal of what Jesolo and Doha had for us, we didn’t enjoy it all.

  • First up, Grishina. There’s always a caveat with her, isn’t there? In this instance, it was the fairly sizeable error of scoring 13.2 on her best event, in the last rotation at Jesolo, and throwing the title to Kyla Ross. Kudos, cherie.

Once again, it was the new transition that did her in. And the pirouette beforehand. She got some flack from message board posters for being a crybaby, but we’d cry too if we missed the same skill a bigillion meets in a row. In some ways, we feel that Grishina is under more pressure than Mustafina and Komova. She’s not a star just yet.

She really needs to get some consistency with the upgrades. Every time she arses up bars, it’s the Shap-half transition.

However, all is not lost without the new transition. There’s an Option B for our girl. She could return to her test event routine, with no Shap transitions of any kind, and the double – double dismount she did at Moscow Championships. Though she might find a way to fuck that one up too.

The D- score for the above  is  6.5, with the possibility to raise it to a 6.6 (we think) if she throws the double-double. This was a very consistent routine for her, and would be a pretty bankable 15.1-ish. Perhaps more if she upgrades the dismount. It would be a fine lead-off for Mother Russia in team finals, and would also keep the possibility of a 60+ AA score alive. So it isn’t panic time yet. Let’s see how she goes at Euros.

  • Something else we did not enjoy was Iordache’s beam meltdown at Doha. She’s being spoken of as a leading contender for the Olympic EF title, but not like this. One of the scarier falls we’ve seen in a while, whilst inventing a new skill.

(FF to 1:13)

Miserable fucking D-panel not crediting her for the element afterwards. There’s no reward for originality these days, none at all. A full twist to head, backwards roll off the beam. We’re wondering if she can submit it to the C.O.P.?

We know she’s going for a huge d-score, but the girl simply has too much going on in this routine. The layout and pike look one in the same. They’re indecipherable, and both fugly, so one of them need to go.

  • Ponor had a pretty successful showing, also at Doha, but her new floor routine was a real disappointment. When I heard she was using Requiem For A Dream, I hoped she might push the boat out with her choregraphy. She’s been willing to go for some quite unusual, ambitious stuff in the past, and her work on flexibility has been impressive too. But it was all rather pedestrian.

The ragged tumbling is only to be expected at this stage in the season, of course. We could include her twisting form in the ‘fugly‘ section but really, is there any point? It’s all been said before, in this case for about a decade.

The choreography and the general half arsedness is more remarkable, in our humble opinions. It looked like a mish-mash of previous sets. The Romanians have form for this, Milosovici having been a serial offender once she stopped giving a fuck, but we hoped for better from Cata.  Truly, she could set this floor routine to the theme song of The Golden Girls, and it wouldn’t make much difference.

No doubt this routine will be considerably more polished and well sold by London. We can quite understand an athlete not really having the energy to add the wow factor at this stage in the season, especially one of Ponor’s advanced years.  But if there isn’t some fresher choreography too, it will be a missed opportunity.

  • We saved the best of the bad for last. Yulia Belokobylskaya falling on her Memmel turn at Jesolo, and fudging up pretty much everything else thereafter for a fantabulous 11.35.

A glaring mental error considering she’s on the Russian National Team and Pavlova is not.

The last time I saw a score that low was probably at a zone meet at Parkettes, and the last time I saw such a stupid/hilarious fall on a turn was by Ms. Parkette herself, Kim Kelly.

Elegance personified, indeed.

– Clara (and Bronwyn)