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Livchikova at Mullhouse

Lots of great gymnastics going on last weekend, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how great the ladies are looking still relatively early in the season.

Maria Livchikova has a new floor exercise. When I first read that it was to “The Addams Family”, I shuddered. But she does a fabulous job with it in my opinion. Only the middle part of it teeters on cutesy, but it’s fun, and she’s a good enough dancer to get away with it.

I’m probably in the minority on this.

She scored 14.5 for this set. I especially liked her overcooked Memmel (triple in the works perhaps?), but she’s going to have to be careful performing a 3/1 and a 2 1/2 in the same routine. That triple is dangerously close to not being all the way around.

Stoi! readers, care to wage in on her new routine?