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Romania announce Olympic team

Hot on the heels of Mother Russia’s bombshell came the news from Deva. Unlike the Russians, no formal announcement about those already selected had been made, but we all knew four spots were locks and the only question was over number 5. And so it was.

The team:

Larisa Iordache

Catalina Ponor

Sandra Izbasa

Diana Bulimar

Diana Chelaru

Stoi! has previously discussed the race for the final berth between Chelaru, Amelia Racea and Raluca Haidu. Haidu got the nod for Euros and, highly unusually, hit her bars set twice. With that in mind, we rather thought she was the frontrunner. Evidently not.

At first glance, it seems rather odd to take a power gymnast on a team whose only real weakness is bars. Chelaru did train a (minging) Amanar in 2011, but there’s been neither sight nor sound of it since. She has done only DTYs this year, including at last weekend’s competition between Romania, France and Germany. Here she is, first up:

So the Amanar would be cutting it fine indeed. With that in mind, and until we hear otherwise, we’re going to assume she isn’t there to bolster the vault lineup in TFs, or indeed any event.

Basically, the four locks have everything covered between them. Including most of the insurance routines. Izbasa appears to be back on bars, as far as a person can be back when they were a bag of shite in the first place. Ten minutes in:

If she can reliably score similarly to Haidu and Racea, neither of whom is a model of consistency on the event, that renders both useless for TFs. So too is Chelaru, really, but that’s how things have worked out.

Ultimately, Romania don’t actually need a 5th gymnast to achieve their optimum lineup. But since they’ve got a spot, they might as well use it. Basically, Chelaru is going to London for all the same reasons as she went to Scam. They could slap Belu in a leotard instead, I suppose, but it seems rather more dignified to send a gymnast to cover vault and bars in prelims and mind the jackets in TFs. And less hairy.

Porgras was always supposed to get the last spot, and would have complimented the other four beautifully, but she’s now busy with cheesy clubs and bad hair- endeavours which which Stoi! wishes her nothing but the best, incidentally. And at least we’re all spared the utter farce of a (very probably) medal winning team that contains a bars specialist who can’t break 14.