What Will Ail Komova?

Provisional teams for worlds were submitted this week. Teams must include seven names, so the competing six plus an alternate, but they don’t need to designate who is who. They’re also entirely free to change any or all of the athletes until definitive registration shortly before the competition begins.

Russia had, following the Russian Cup last week, named a training squad of ten: Mustafina, Komova, Afanasyeva, Paseka, Spiridonova, Kharenkova, Tutkhalyan, Sosnitskaya, Shelgunova and Dmietrieva. However, the last three are apparently out for the time being, so the provisional team is, to nobody’s shock, the first seven listed. There is no Nabieva, as of yet, but we remain hopeful that she will be in attendance at her fifth worlds.


Anyway, the eagle eyed amongst you will note that this list includes Komova, in her first major competition of the quad (I am not sure European Games count). This seems too good to be true.

Stoi! bows to nobody in our love of the divine Vika, but it cannot be denied that her health is not her strongest point. She’s like the love child of Darren Anderton and Jamie Redknapp. There’s just something of the delicate, frail heroine of nineteenth century literature about her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s been grievously wronged either, of course.

Hence, I personally cannot quite believe this is really going to happen. Call it realism, call it pessimism, call it me trying to protect myself so I don’t get too excited about being able to see her in person in Glasgow, but there it is. Either way, something is going to take her out. The question is, what?

Tell us what you think! And while you’re doing it, get lighting a few candles. No doubt she’ll be needing them.

Going blonde.

By Clara

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