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‘Wanking fecking bankers’

The video below is not, strictly speaking, entirely gymnastics related. It is, however, hilarious.

Additionally, the interviewer and subject discuss Michael Flatley at the end. His music has of course been used by a number of gymnasts.

Like Andreea Raducan

Also, the man is an immigrant to the USA. Like various Stoi favourites. Such as Nastia Liukin:

And the incomparable Annia Hatch:

Also, um, Jana Bieger:

See, it’s pretty much a gymnastics related rant, nearly. I imagine that the interviewer had been planning to bring up the Mustafina v Komova debate to conclude things, if our subject hadn’t told him to fuck off.

Plus, economics does impact on gymnastics. There’s a good dissertation to be written on how the end of the USSR altered the programmes, even of the bigger component countries, and of how participation in the sport differs generally between communist countries and non-communist countries.

 But I think such a grown up topic is best left to our good friend Elizabeth over at Rewriting Russian Gymnastics.  Bronwyn might feel equal to it, but I shall stick to what I know: Europop, Eurotrash and 1990s BBC tv commentary.

-Posted by Clara