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Gossip from Bercy + Grishina upgrades in Jesolo

Blythe is blogging from The French International, and had this to say about beam finals :

Anna Dementyeva, BB : Roll on mount. Illusion, very good. Switch ring, nice. Onodi, small check, sheep. Front aerial, switch, back tuck. Questionable connection, but no wobbles. And then falls on roundoff, layout! Jumps. Side aerial, tiny wobble. Roundoff, bhs, triple full, gets it 2.75 twists around and steps to the side. Still better than Mitchell’s, but it always kind of sucks to have a medalwith a fall. She goes up to Nabs and Mustafina after getting off the podium. They ignore her entirely and continue their conversation. 13.833.

Do I really need to bust out the photo below again?

Is this tough love, or just plain RUDE?

Not that I should really care, I don’t know them, and I mean these girls are almost 1/2 my age, but catty inner circles always scared me growing up. The Russian girls are all sisterly, but within the inner-circle are inner-inner-circles. Ksenia A is to Ksenia S as Nabs is to Mustafina as Grishina is to Komova. Why doesn’t Dementyeva have a bff? Her teammates just seem so needlessly cruel to her. It makes me sad.

Speaking of Dementyeva, she’s on my European Championships beam podium prediction, and Clara’s top pick. But we’ll go into detail about that later this week.

We like Dementyeva’s new switch ring :

Her front leg could afford to be a little higher, but a good split, pretty arm position, and definitely worthy of D-credit.

We don’t however approve of this :

Or this :

It’s nervousy balance breaks like these that could very well keep her off the beam (or All-Around) podium in Berlin. But the new Russian leotard is so gorgeous that we forgive her. And she’s an underdog. We love us some underdogs.

Mustafina managed to win win beam in Bercy simply by not falling off. It was a virtual splat fest of a 4-person (lame) final. Dementyeva, Porgras, and Mitchell all came off on layouts.

Aliya really caked on the eyeliner and glitter for the occasion, too :

Our reigning queen won vault and bars too – so she won every event she entered. She also threw the “Mustafina” vault, which I certainly didn’t expect. Only an Omelianchik in prelims.

Other upgrades of note :

  • Mustafina once again did her 1/1 pirouette + Tkatchev + Pak + Stalder Shap 1/2 to hb in training, but not in quals or finals. Maybe we’ll see it in Berlin?
  • Porgras has added a front aerial + 1-arm bhs + loso to her beam set.
  • Lauren Mitchell is doing a whip + arabian double on floor.
  • Izbasa has a new floor routine with new tango-esque music. New tumbling too – triple twist to single stag and a 1.5 to Rudi. This pass is a little non-sensical. She could do a double tuck for the same credit. But maybe she’s working towards a front 2/1?

Read all the results and Blythe’s commentary here.

Across the pond, Jesolo was the other big meet of the weekend. Much ado was made over McKayla Maroney beating both Wieber and Raisman in the Sr. All-Around, but I focus my attention on the junior gals, and one in particular.

Stoi! favorite (and my favorite gymnast in the world), reigning Jr. Jesolo queen, Anastasia Grishina. She’s returned to competition after recovering from a back injury, and has unveiled some upgrades.

On vault, a DTY. Which she undercooked :

Not bad, other than the landing. It looks like she’s getting good height, but sacrificing distance.

I was going to say that this was the event that she really needed to work on in order to join Komova and Mustafina in a prelims all-around fight/race in London. She has a year and a few months to learn an Amanar. We’re crossing our fingers. Only 2 of them will qualify to finals. This is, of course, assuming they all (god forbid) stay healthy, if Grishina and Komova survive puberty, and that they all make the team.

If all goes according to planned, my earliest predictions are that Komova, Mustafina, and Grishina are virtual locks. Throw in Sidorova (she’s competed an Amanar – and fell)  for everything except bars. She’s typically very strong on vault, beam, and floor. Someone else sits on the bubble. Dementyeva perhaps. Sorry, Nabs.

Speaking of Amanar’s, here was Maroney’s for a HUGE 16.0 :

Fabulous. I’m thinking Marta might give this kid a ticket to Tokyo for this vault alone.

Remember in Rotterdam when Elfi exclaimed, “That is one HOT vault”, about Mustafina’s Amanar? Homegirl might splooge her panties when she sees McKayla’s.

Anyway, Grishina won bars with a 15.1 :

Gorgeous set. Missing is her piked Tkatchev, which is currently on layaway to Komova.

I suspect that she’ll have some twisting Shaposhnikova-type transition stuffed somewhere in here come London. All the top Russians do, so you know it’s coming.

Grishina’s floor (hands down on double arabian, added a Memmel turn) :

No videos have surfaced of her beam (yet), but Nora from The All-Around Forum reported that she fell off on an Onodi (silly). But a 13.6 (beam) and a 13.85 (floor) aren’t horrific scores with falls.

1. Kyla Ross – USA – 15.450 – 14.900 – 14.850 – 13.550 – 58.750
2. Madison Kocian – USA – 14.800 – 14.800 – 14.450 – 13.700 – 57.750
3. Katelyn Ohashi – USA – 14.550 – 14.900 – 14.200 – 14.050 – 57.700
4. Lexie Priessman – USA – 15.750 – 14.250 – 13.350 – 13.800 – 57.150
5. Anastasia Grishina – RUS – 14.500 – 15.100 – 13.600 – 13.850 – 57.050
6. Anastasia Sidorova – RUS – 14.400 – 12.950 – 14.800 – 14.000 – 56.150

Clara & I will be posting the rest of our Euro’s predictions this week.