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Euros preview: Ukraine












They’re not going. No money. Previous years have seen the gymnastics programme, for WAG at least, spiral further downwards in a vicious circle of funding cuts (incidentally, Chinese age faking played a role in this because funds are allocated from the Ukrainian government based on medals won at the Olympics, and of course they were done out of their bars bronzes in 2000 and 2008. That money might have made a huge difference. Just another reason, as if more were needed, to never ever stop remembering The Great Chinese Cheatoff).

And now the ongoing political crisis there has led to further underfunding of sports, understandable in the circumstances, because the government has no money to spare. Igor Korobchinsky, the federation president, is appealing to the International Gymnastics Federation for aid. It would be wonderful if that were to happen, but we’re not holding our breath.

So it looks, for the moment, like a once proud gymnastics tradition is suspended. Temporarily at least. There’ll be nothing at all, in Sofia, from a nation with one of the finest histories in our sport.

But we have not forgotten.