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Vault Like An Egyptian.

Clara typically likes to handle posts about vaulting, but she’s busy with a bun in the oven. To my surprise, the baby daddy is actually her husband, and not some random she met at a pub crawl.

Courtesy of Justin from WWGym, Egypt’s Fadwa Mohamed is channeling Yamilet Pena, and training a Produnova vault.

I’m always mystified by these girls from third world countries going for broke when it comes to vaulting. As our friend Donnie pointed out, it’s a great way for them to sneak into an event final with something original, but the hit rate is so low. Produnova wasn’t even consistent with it.

The risk is even higher. To me,  it looks like a recipe for blown out knees, black eyes, and knocked out teeth. But to each their own.

For the record, Egypt has one berth to London (Salma Mahmoud), so perhaps Fadwa is saving this vault for the next quad, or just having some fun in the gym.

Compared to Produnova, it looks as if she’s lacking proper heel drive. Produnova’s heels are practically horizontal upon impact.

Seeing that vault on the old horse a decade ago still baffles me.

Vault experts, care to wage in?

– Bronwyn