Random tidbits.

Notice that Uzbekistan is sending Luisa Galiulina rather than Stoi! favorite Daria Elizarova. This is the second Olympics that Elizarova gets the shaft, and this time she even swapped countries for a better chance to qualify.

Does my strongly biased self  think that crossing the border should snag her an automatic Olympic berth? Of course not. But I feel that she’s a better gymnast than Galiulina. Not that her competition results justify this. She was fabulous during the qualification round at the recent Challenger Cup in Ghent (she qualified to 3 finals), but bombed when it actually mattered. I don’t think this helped her cause.

We’re devastated, and assuming she is as well.

Something about Egypt qualifying 2 gymnasts to Uzbekistan’s 1 leaves a skanky taste in our mouths; equivalent to snarfing down a can of rotten tuna and washing it down with  a bottle of kaopektate.


There’s a shit ton of gymnastics coverage going on.

Since I work from my computer, I’m on the fence about watching online live coverage/checking quick hits  vs. patiently waiting for taped TV coverage where I can curl up with a box of trashy wine and a bag of pizza rolls.

It’s times like these that I ask myself, “What would Kim Kelly do?”

“Is muh leap at 180 yet?”

  • Complete list of individual qualifiers :

Argentina: Valeria Pereyra
Austria: Barbara Gasser
Belarus: Anastasia Marachkouskaya
Belgium: Gaelle Mys
Bulgaria: Ralitsa Mileva
Chile: Simona Castro Lazo
Colombia: Jessica Gil Ortiz
Croatia: Tina Erceg
Czech Republic: Kristyna Palesova
Dominican Republic: Yamilet Pena Abreu
Egypt: Salma Mahmoud El Said, Sherine Ahmed El Zeiny
Finland: Annika Urvikko
Greece: Vasiliki Millousi
Guatemala: Ana Sofia Gomez Porras
Hong Kong: Hiu Ying Angel Wong
Hungary: Dorina Boczogo
Israel: Valeriia Maksyuta
Kazakhstan: Moldir Azimbay
Lithuania: Laura Svilpaite
Mexico: Elsa Garcia
Netherlands: Celine van Gerner
Poland: Marta Pihan-Kulesza
Portugal: Zoi Mafalda Marques de Lima
Puerto Rico: Lorena Quinones Moreno
Singapore: Heem Wei Lim
Slovakia: Maria Homolova
Slovenia: Sasa Golob
South Korea: Heo Seon Mi
Spain: Maria Paula Vargas
Sweden: Jonna Adlerteg
Switzerland: Giulia Steingruber
Turkey: Goksu Uctas
Ukraine: Natalia Kononenko
Uzbekistan: Luisa Galiulina
Venezuela: Jessica Lopez
Vietnam: Phan Thi Ha Thanh, Do Thi Ngan Thuong

I’m thinking that a handful of these girls will make All-Around finals. Several chances for event finals berths.

I’m hoping that Pena will crank her scary Produnova without knocking her teeth out with her knees, and Millousi is my very-dark-horse for beam finals. I’m banking on Steingruber and Maksyuta for vault finals.

  • The biggest news of the week is He Kexin’s inclusion on the Chinese team. The roster isn’t written completely in stone, so this could change. But somehow we doubt it.

Our friend MRR from WWGym suggests that, “this could be more a psychological ploy to get her to work her behind off for the next couple of weeks than it is a deliberate threat to keep her off the team. ”

We agree.

I see that my co-writer has a draft about He’s addition to the team, so I won’t say much about it.

But I will say that hitting one bars routine in the past year shouldn’t get you a free ride, Olympic champ or not.

Below is her strongest effort of the year. It will get her a big score in London, but I don’t see it getting her on the podium with the likes of Tweddle, Mustafina, Komova, Douglas, or Jinnan.

Labored, a bit of a shadow of her former self. But this is what puberty and more time at the buffet than at the gym will do to a still-developing body.

  • Some London leotard fashion.

Downie, GBR.

Somewhat humiliating that Downie has to be caught dead modeling this hideous frock when she’s not even on the team. But good for her that she’ll never have to actually wear it again.

Grishina, in green.

Komova, Pak from the back.

Mutha Russia.

Russia always has the tendency to choose leotards that flatter those with tiny frames (Grishina/Komova), but makes those who have actually gone through puberty look a little boxy.

I like both designs -but  see through mesh neck lines & sleeves (Inshina, Paseka, Nabieva) are always a recipe for disaster.

I just hope these girls are stocking up on strapless bras or nipple tape.

I call the number below “Summatime in Deva”, where apparently it’s too hot to be bothered to wear something that covers your labia.

“Cameltoelina Ponor” – Irichluck

Here’s Aly covered in more crystals than a coked up Lindsay Lohan at a jewelery auction :

I can’t imagine it’s easy to jump, leap, or flip in that thing.

I imagine it’ll stay in the showroom. If the US wears anything but pink I’ll die of shock.

–  B.

13 responses to “Random tidbits.

  • Amanda

    I want a shirt that says, “What Would Kim Kelly Do?”

    • Stoi!

      I should start pressing and selling them.

      Do you think she’d care?

      – B

      • Amanda

        Ha! Good question! I’m not sure. I’m more worried about Donna Strauss, personally. Just make sure to do a good job if you decide to press/sell them – you don’t want to be accused of a quitter’s try, do you? 😉

  • Evil Gym Mom

    I just want to know who is in the line of fire with Afan in the photo of the Russian line up. Priceless

  • david

    I guess Catalina Ponor has her leotard ready for Olympic Village orgies… ewwww

  • Catherine

    I prefer the red and blue Russian leotards in the video ‘Russia Olympic gymnastics london 2012 team leotards’- that should find it on youtube but it’s posted elsewhere. Team GB’s leos were released ages ago, so Downie was not facing the humiliation of not making the team then, thankfully.

  • M

    Lol at this post.

    Poor Daria Elizarova – she didn’t make the cut for Russia and when a country like Uzbek doesn’t choose you, you know things are bad. I wonder if she will continue gymnastics and aim for 2016.

    In terms of watching online or tv. You could watch online and if you want to see anything you miss then you go to the tv coverage. If you’re watching NBC, you will know what to mute.

    The Russian leos for Olympics, isn’t too bad you know. I like them. How they will look on the athletes, I don’t know.

    I don’t want to see Ponor’s leo at all. Shudder

  • Christiane

    Oh not that photo of Ponor again! I really hope the Olympics has some guidelines and restrictions on their dress (leotard) code. I don’t want to sound like an old lady here but that is tacky & trashy to me.

    And of course I love both Russian leotards (why do I have to love everything on this team?), hehe.

    Okay, one thing worries me about those adorable Russian girls… Especially Vika. I will say it low “whispering”: Why are they so bushy down there?? Man, it is like a few inches above surface. Maybe Ponor can do us all a favor and teach those girls a few wax lessons; I am sure she is a pro on Brazilian waxing…

    I actually like the US leotard… Not sure how much glare they will generate on the screen though, but I like the colors and design. And Aly is beautiful in this pic! Not a fan at all but she is very pretty in this photo.

    • oktiabr

      Hahaha… your post was very funny. But in Vika’s defense, I think she’s so skinny that what you see is just the pelvic bone popping out. It’s very natural and common among skinny girls, actually.

      On the other hand… I know romanian federation is a little short on money, but a little extra fabric for Ponor’s leo wouldn’t hurt!

      I’m not sure about the russian leos, why green? I wish they would stick with the colours of their flag… Or at least pick some of the GK designs they were wearing last year, those were pretty.

  • Lebanks

    I cringed when I got down to Ponor’s Camel toe section.. for the love of baby jesus, may the Romanian’s save our eyes in London.

    BTW, Have you all seen the Leo’s the Russian’s will be wearing at the Olympics??
    It’s posted on Aliya Mustafina Online as well as Vika’s site.
    I’m not 100% sure what i think as I never watched the video twice.
    Hopefully they’ll look good on the girls.

    • Christiane

      Thanks for this info, I haven’t seen them! In fact, I thought they would be wearing the leos on this article above (the green & white and the blue). Well, let’s see how the new leos look on the girls. It is indeed hard to have an idea without having them fit on a body.

  • Stoi!

    Mind everyone that most of the commentary on this blog is to be taken with a grain of salt.

    (Thank God I took the part about the Pu Pu platter out).

    – B

  • swinginghigh

    “more time at the buffet than at the gym”? Please. I’m no fan of He, but is there actually any evidence to suggest she’s been hitting the pantry hard? Seems to me like she’s just going through normal puberty and it’s taken a toll on her skills.

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