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Komova Returns

She’s back. Ish.

Easily the most hotly anticipated comeback from injury since, well, Mustafina. It would appear that the time off has been a long tough layoff, but has been used wisely.

Our girl did everything but floor. Bars looking quality. Obviously she needs to straighten her legs on the giants, but it never stopped Aliya from becoming Olympic champion now did it?

Should comfortably break 15, and contend for the bars title. And more to the point, no more hideous orphan half pirouette! We are in raptures. If she’d done nothing else during her layoff, that alone would have been a totally valid use of her time.

Most interesting, though, was beam.

Following a prelim set that couldn’t even break 12 and a TF benching, we were not necessarily aquiver with anticipation. And in fact Vika only got chance to compete because of Grishina’s unfortunate injury. Her score didn’t even count, which is a shame as she’d have been on the podium otherwise. But it was worth seeing.

Naturally, she almost killed herself on a sheep jump and then tumbled a bhs arabian virtually connected to a leap series, one of the most amazing pieces of gymnastics of the decade, like it was fuck all.

Very Komova of her. She’s not changed, and we wouldn’t want her to.

Vault wise, only an FTY, but comfortably overpowered it. Others have speculated that it looks like she’s

a) currently capable of a DTY and

b) intending to have it ready for Euros.

We basically agree. Remember, Komova has never, as a senior, looked anything close to ready a month before a big competition. This is no exception. As such, we expect to see her doing 3 events at Euros with full difficulty or something close to it.

But mostly, we’re just grateful she’s back. We’ve missed her.