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Komova Unreturns

As per Grishina’s Twitter, or VK, or whatever social media all the cool kids are using in Moscow these days. Komova has aggravated an old ankle injury, and gone to Germany for surgery. Russians love going to Germany for surgery. There will be no scaremongering here about whether this is the end of her career or not, for two reasons.

The first is that none of us actually know shit, unless perhaps her surgeon reads this blog. And much as we would love to hear from him/her, there is a little thing called patient confidentiality.

The second is that someone who has previously managed to come back from injury by putting in AA sets good enough to win world and Olympic gold, and then lately by producing one of the most difficult beam combinations of all time…

… is a fighter, whatever you heard elsewhere.

Either way, Vika’s comeback is on hiatus, and no Euros for her. Well, if nothing else it gives Mustafina another opportunity to rescue the team from a large hole, and probably the Rodionovas to blame her for them being in it in the first place.