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Stupid NBC

When NBC commentators start to talk, it’s a good bet that drivel will come out of their mouths, sooner rather than later. Elfi manages the occasional insight, but the other two are execrable.

One of the most egregious examples of this was their fuck up when discussing Svetlana Khorkina’s prelims floor routine in the 2000 Olympics.

Khorkina has a bit of a close call on the final pass, toe very close to the line. The terrible trio called it as an OOB.

From that view, it’s impossible to tell, but I’d always thought they must have been watching it from a different angle. A sensible,  reasonable commentator with some semblance of professionalism wouldn’t say a gymnast was two or three inches OOB unless they were pretty sure, right?

But recently, I saw this coverage:

Which makes it clear that not only is Khorkina not OOB, she’s not even that close. Her big toe may just touch the line, but no more than that.

For years, it was accepted on the gymternet that she’d gone out of bounds and got away with it, and that fallacy presumably stemmed from these three fuckwits. I’m not aware of any other commentator having made the same mistake.

Now, I can’t imagine that Khorkina gives or has ever given a shit. It’s hardly the worst injustice done to her in Sydney, after all. Nonetheless, I still demand a public apology.

By Clara, while Bronners is off gallivanting in New York