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The Boring Beauty

This is the title Bronwyn gave to new US Classic champion Kyla Ross, back in early 2012. She was right.

Kyla gave a typically pretty yet wooden performance to take the title yesterday, despite a brief splat on floor. In doing so, she pretty much guaranteed herself a spot on the worlds team. She’s a leading contender for an AA medal, and indeed if she could manage more than NCAA level difficulty on floor, she might well be the favourite for the title.

Anyway, more pretty and more dull. Lovely bars, if we ignore the fucking awful split leg toe ons.

Its not like she even has the excuse of not being able to hit a full split. She can!

Beam was similarly attractive and lacking in upgrades. Still, why change a winning formula? It got her an Olympic gold medal after all. Actually its quite an achievement to still be doing one’s Olympic level difficulty a year, a gold medal tour and about three inches on.

And floor was, as usual, utterly wooden and pedestrian. The fall, if anything, livened things up a bit.

It’s very odd to see someone with such truly lovely lines have so little expression. She ought to be a wow on this event, and instead its her worst.

Ultimately, Kyla’s gymnastics is much better observed through photographs than in real time. So few gymnasts get through a growth spurt unhindered, especially ones already as (relatively) tall as she is. And she’s just even more attractive to watch with the extra inches- she controls those limbs so beautifully. I’m not normally one to fuss too much over leotards, but her choice was particularly good. The purple was extremely flattering.

With all this in mind, I really can’t understand why the whole package is still so dull. Girl is sorely lacking in presence. And alas, that can’t be taught.

In other news, Maroney probably bought herself a spot on the worlds team. Her vaults aren;t quite what they were, but nobody else on the planet can do them any better at the moment. She made no attempts to stick either of them: probably for the best. And a prize to whoever can convincingly explain what in Prod’s name happened to Biles.