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Racea at Euros.

There was some confusion over whether Amelia Racea would be going to Euros. Lots of rumours saying that Romania would be sending only Izbasa, Chelaru and Porgras. Which would be one hell of a prelims bars rotation. For this reason, Bronwyn and I decided not to include her in our initial predictions.

However, she’s actually there. With that in mind, I think we need to do some revision.

As I’m sure everyone remembers, she’s the defending European beam champion:

Wouldn’t have happened if Porgras hadn’t been injured, but a gold is a gold is a gold.

Although she didn’t feature in Romania’s 4th place performance in Rotterdam, she’s a reasonably useful AAer, having done all 4 events for Romania in Euros TFs last year for 55.825. She has a DTY too:

This, combined with Porgras’ unfortunately not that great form recently, makes me think Amelia might end up being the top ranking Romanian instead. Which would be a shame, because Porgras is lovely, but we’ll see.

Anyway, expect to see her in beam and AA finals at the very least, and possibly challenging for medals in both.

– Clara