Team GB announced for 2014 Euros

And it is indeed Downie, Whelan, Harrold, Tunney and Fragapane. Stoi told you so.

Personally I think this is Romania’s to lose at the moment, but there is a small chance that the British could sweep all team titles, men and women. They’re the only team for whom this is a realistic possibility. I might put a cheeky fiver on that…

By Clara

7 responses to “Team GB announced for 2014 Euros

  • Jordyn Beiber

    Russia is fucked yet again. Heard that Afan had surgery too. Aliya is hurting and only competing bars and beam.
    I hope the younger girls go all out. Kharenkova can win gold on beam if she throws her 6.8-7.0 routine.

  • Adrien

    I’m going to crap myself when Whelan goes up on beam. She’s either going to hit like a mother-fucker, or she’s going to fall 2 to 3 times.

  • Jack

    I still cannot believe that Romania got their shit together again at the 13th hour. It’s mind blowing that they are in a position to win this with 1.75 actual gymnasts. Belu is a master.

  • Dan

    I think GB will lose it on beam. They love a good drama on beam

    • Stoi!

      I wonder if floor might be a bigger problem, actually. Obviously GB are terribly inconsistent on beam, but at least they can post some big scores if they hit. They’re going to be absolutely miles behind Romania on floor.

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