Komova Returns

She’s back. Ish.

Easily the most hotly anticipated comeback from injury since, well, Mustafina. It would appear that the time off has been a long tough layoff, but has been used wisely.

Our girl did everything but floor. Bars looking quality. Obviously she needs to straighten her legs on the giants, but it never stopped Aliya from becoming Olympic champion now did it?

Should comfortably break 15, and contend for the bars title. And more to the point, no more hideous orphan half pirouette! We are in raptures. If she’d done nothing else during her layoff, that alone would have been a totally valid use of her time.

Most interesting, though, was beam.

Following a prelim set that couldn’t even break 12 and a TF benching, we were not necessarily aquiver with anticipation. And in fact Vika only got chance to compete because of Grishina’s unfortunate injury. Her score didn’t even count, which is a shame as she’d have been on the podium otherwise. But it was worth seeing.

Naturally, she almost killed herself on a sheep jump and then tumbled a bhs arabian virtually connected to a leap series, one of the most amazing pieces of gymnastics of the decade, like it was fuck all.

Very Komova of her. She’s not changed, and we wouldn’t want her to.

Vault wise, only an FTY, but comfortably overpowered it. Others have speculated that it looks like she’s

a) currently capable of a DTY and

b) intending to have it ready for Euros.

We basically agree. Remember, Komova has never, as a senior, looked anything close to ready a month before a big competition. This is no exception. As such, we expect to see her doing 3 events at Euros with full difficulty or something close to it.

But mostly, we’re just grateful she’s back. We’ve missed her.


8 responses to “Komova Returns

  • M

    Glad that she is bad and hope that she can compete because Aliya can’t have the pressure only on her

  • Stoi!

    Yes, I think if Mustafina and Komova can be at full pelt simultaneously, Russia have as good a chance as anyone of winning the team titles- this year, at least.

  • Rachel Leow (@rachleow)

    I think the one who has missed her the most is Aliya. Girl has been carrying the team singlehandedly since London, with occasional help from Afan and Grishy, but counting on them to be reliable is like hoping that Aliya’s twisting form suddenly becomes like Grishy’s.

  • sainabou nyang

    Lord those Leos Vika and her teammates wore for team finals were hideous and imo I’ll fitting.

  • bendyclaire

    Love her. Delighted to have her back.

    Yes, she has a few wobbles on beam. Her sheep leap always has been and always will be the best in the business. That Arabian is all kinds of epic….but for me, the big change is she seems to be more of a fighter now. Several big safety checks in that beam, old school Vika would have eventually just given up and just let herself fall (look at her London 2012 EF on beam, where she was so psychologically broken she barely bothered trying to stay on). New school Vika battles like hell to stay on each time she wavers. If that beam is anything to go by, she may now have a bit of Musty’s fighting spirit about her (I hope so, anyway)….if so, she’s a big threat.

    Go Vika!!

  • Stoi!

    Hmm Christiane I think she should beat the Americans on beam no problem, provided she stays on of course. It’s just that they aren’t particularly competitive on that event this year. The bigger issue is beating the Romanians and Chinese, all of whom look potentially extremely competitive despite the deeper issues in each programme.

    Albin, we might start a poll on what she’ll fall on at Euros…


  • Christiane

    I guess I am a little less enthusiastic about Vika’s return… After such a long break, I expected a bit more as far as execution. I am talking beam here of course.
    Unless they start giving extra bonus for waving your arms back & forth like crazy and also for wobbles, I don’t see her beating Americans on this apparatus.
    It always amazes me to see the likes of Bailey Key and that youngster Norah (forgot last name) performing on that beam as if they were on top of a King size bed. Really… how can Americans be so solid on BB??
    I had seen that recent video of Vika training on beam and she wobbled so much, lost balance on a bah, I was dismayed… You take that to a highly competitive arena and disaster happens.
    So, yeah, I realize I am grumpy here but she will really have to prove herself to me before I take my pom pons out, attitude included!

  • Albin

    As soon as I saw that Komova had took out her “hideous orphan half pirouette” I thought of you guys and I was sure you would post someting about it!
    She is up for another euros title on bars. and possibly beam, Bet she’s gonna fall on that doubble spin though.

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