Russian National Team Released

Per Elizabeth at Rewriting Russian Gymnastics. I’m focusing on the senior gals for now.

Senior National Team :

Ksenia Afanasyeva/Ксения Афанасьева
Anastasia Grishina/Анастасия Гришина
Viktoria Komova/Виктория Комова
Ekaterina Kramarenko/Екатерина Крамаренко
Viktoria Kuzmina/Виктория Кузьмина
Aliya Mustafina/Алия Мустафина
Maria Paseka/Мария Пасека
Anna Rodionova/Анна Родионова
Alla Sosnitskaya/Алла Сосницкая
Daria Spiridonova/Дарья Спиридонова
Polina Fyodorova / Полина Федорова
Maria Kharenkova/Мария Харенкова
Evgenia Shelgunova/Евгения Шелгунова

It was noted that Ekaterina Baturina has decided not to compete internationally anymore. A shame; she was lovely, and one of the more promising juniors.

Kramarenko is useful on bars. So is Kuzmina, though she’s wildly inconsistent. I’ve lost what little hope I had for Rodionova.

It’s worrying really.

They’re still relying heavily on the Olympic Team, all of whom aside from Mustafina (who needs a rest) are returning from injury/surgery/illness.

Kharenkova is without a doubt the most talented of the new seniors, but even still. She’s a 2-eventer (bb/fx) as it stands.

Komova has really grown, and has put on a considerable amount of weight. It looks good on her; she’s a pixie no more.

Some video (of Komova training) from Round Lake here.

– Bronwyn






4 responses to “Russian National Team Released

  • JennyEndlessly

    I remember in 2010 when the Mustafina fever hit the world a Russian coach was asked in an interview “What can we expect next?” He answered “1 or 2 mot girls” meaning Komova and I think Grishina.
    For long I’ve been expecting my favorite experienced gymnasts to come back and shine, Dementieva, Pavlova, Nabieva tried but we didn’t see them on a great light.
    I don’t see top level gymnasts on the group of new seniors, they might fill in as specialists here and there but sadly I don’t see a significantly gifted truly talented all-arounder.

  • Jordyn Bieber

    Komova is all grown up. Sadly I doubt she will be able to regain her top form. She is no Aliya, who was able to bitch slap puberty and emerge even better.
    Does anyone think she can compete at the same level again?
    Bleak days are here again for Russia… Aliya and Afan are gonna be competing in their 30s for them to medal 😦

  • Robyn

    Do you think these non-Olympic girls would show more promise if they were relied upon more heavily? (Is Russia willing to risk that kind of shit show at first?) Or are they the sort that just aren’t ever going to deliver at Mustafina/Komova caliber?

    I know people always say that the current lack of depth is a result of the Russian economic woes of the mid-late 90s and lack of resources for sports etc., but that begs the question of when will we have a promising class of Russian seniors? Like legit, not flash-in-the-pan as 12 years old and then can’t hold it together at age 16 seniors? Junior girls born in 2000? Later than that?

  • Stoi!

    With Kramarenko still in there, they’re relying on the Beijing team, ffs.

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