Alexandrov Speaks

He has given an exclusive interview to our friends at Rewriting Russian Gymnastics. There is more dirt in there than in every post 96 Romanian bar routine combined. Anyone who hasn’t read it already needs to go and do so now. Immediately.

The useless, repulsive leeches that are the Rodionenkos don’t come out of it very well. They’re basically Bela and Marta Karolyi without the redeeming coaching ability. Alexandrov paints a magnificent picture of a dysfunctional programme being driven into the ground, of talent that ought to be world beating being pissed away for the sake of ego. Every fan of Russian gymnastics should be delighted that he’s spoken out.

11 responses to “Alexandrov Speaks

  • Annie Oakley

    According to Blythe ( the examiner ) who is always nice Russia is looking quite good . In fact Blythe gave Aliyah the gymnast of the day after training g & Russia the surprise of the day.

    One blog Meister as a coach himself expressed the view that alexandrov’s piece was bad news all up. If Russia does well – even reasonable – alexandrov’s reputation will suffer.

    • Louise Anderson

      I think the Russians looked tired and broken and made excuses about being sick or ill. Ailya was wonderful as always, but who knows how much stronger she could have been with better pacing and a better coach? I wouldn’t give her success to the Rodienkios (spelling?), I’d give it to her sheer determination. I say that their performances proved Aleandrov’s points, not that his points needed to be proven or that he wished ill on the team.

      • Annie Oakley

        I think she did very well with her new coaches. They are doing a great job. If new young coaches can do that for her then there is hope for others.

  • Alison Clements

    Any avid Bronwyn & Clara fans going to be in Antwerp?

  • Jordyn Bieber

    Elucidating but will fall on deaf ears. I’m down on Russia right now… from the Snowden snafu, to how they treat the gays, to their support of Syria and the worst of all how they treated Grishina! That in itself is worse than a Syrian chemical attack. Poor girl should go to worlds and not Nabaieva nor Paseka.
    The only good thing to come out of Russia is it’s gymnastics and now it is being ruined by those blood sucking vampires Rodinenkos.

  • Stephanie

    Russian gymnastics fans delighted, indeed

  • M

    Yeah I had read it, it was a really interesting read and I am glad he spoke. He basically prophesied about Grishina because here she is now being talked to the press by Valentina and not in a good way.

    I laughed when he said he didn’t know what Valentina’s role is because I think we all have been trying to figure that out.

    What he said about Aliya was so sweet and I am glad they parted in good terms.

    I hope he and the Brazilian team can do good in the next few years as they do have some exciting juniors coming up.

    Of course Russia is still the team I cheer for, but will also keep a close eye on Brazil.

    Russia does need to get their s*** together though.

  • einseika

    Unfortunately, none of that is surprising. It would be disingenuous to suggest that Russian gymnastics could avoid the corruption that seems to be pervasive in Russia in general.

  • emmasrandomthoughts

    Thanks for posting the link! I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

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