Grishina at Cottbus

Her new set is below:

Fucking Stunning.

I wonder which element she’ll fall on in the European beam final?


17 responses to “Grishina at Cottbus

  • JennyEndlessly

    Omg turning blonde is a process, it’s not a night to day change, orange is the transition color, she might end up in a bright Afanasyeva blonde. She didn’t only change the hair, I think it was a deeper change, everyone noticed how confident she looks.
    I think I prefer the brunette Anna Dementyeva, she looks so womanly.

  • M

    LOL, don’t jinx her! she might not fall at all at Europeans… I agree that her new coaches are working wonders with her which is a good thing. Hopefully they can help her reach her potential now.

    As for her hair…not a fan at all. Her and Dementieva.

  • john

    FIve bucks on the Illusion Turn and another ten on the Layout to 2 feet

  • Gymistoosad

    The footwork is reminiscent of the 80s . That was one nicely landed layout. Beautiful leaps.

    Where do these people find 1.2 in deductions?

  • JennyEndlessly

    2:55! Glasses can only add to a serious judge look …

  • JennyEndlessly

    Her color is a blonde-red in a Debby Harry meets Florence Welch way, I happen to like it, I think all russian girls should go blondish (except Musty) like the 2008 US team, makes such an impression…
    Couldn’t she throw a double turn there? We’ve seen her doing it, I mean, amazing lines but 5.8, really?
    Did she lose the connection on split jumps/onodi? What’s Dementyeva D.S.?

  • Alfi

    And one more, hair, hell no.

  • Alfi

    Her score is not in 15s range yet. She has alot more to do. Unlike Mustafina who looks ahead my miles.

  • christina

    I can’t believe how well she did in the competition. I hope she keeps up the strong performances

  • Jack

    it is fucking stunning. I hope she gets her due at Worlds this year.

    more importantly though, does Stoi! have thoughts on the new grishinahair?? It looks like she dyed it with an entire bottle of sun-in.

  • Christiane

    Ha! Good question… Loved the performance, hated the hair color.

  • emmasrandomthoughts

    I got five bucks on the illusion.

    • Stoi!

      She looked like an entirely different gymnast at Cottbus – strong and confident. Her new coaches seem to be doing a fabulous job with her. This set was dynamite, and I’m expecting some upgrades. She needs to put the double turn back.

      She seems to have grown a bit – her bars routine looked a little sloppy. She might be having some trouble adjusting.

      That hair – well, I’ve seen better heads on cabbages. #godbless


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