Olympic Predictions- Floor EF

A reader has requested that we publish our half done Olympic floor predictions, which we never managed to get up. Our excuse is that I was giving birth, and Bronwyn was wetting my baby’s head.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory. They date from post podium training, and before prelims. News of Iordache’s injury had just broken. I could’ve actually finished them before giving birth, but was too exhausted. Not just because of the stresses and strains of very late pregnancy, but by the very idea of Aly Raisman winning the Olympic floor title. Even after a 48 hour labour (I felt the first stirrings during the men’s AA- Kohei wasn’t the only one to be suffering) a back to back baby and no epidural, I still rate Aly’s win as the most painful thing that happened to me during August.


MEDAL CONTENDERS: Aly Raisman, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Victoria Moors, Anastasia Grishina, Jordyn Wieber, Lauren Mitchell, Sui Lu, Catalina Ponor, Sandra Izbasa, Diana Bulimar

OTHER EF PROSPECTS: Beth Tweddle, Vanessa Ferrari, Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova, Hannah Whelan, Gabrielle Douglas

This one could go really well, or really badly. The podium might be howling, or it might be stunning. The forces of good and evil are relatively equally matched. And because floor is the hardest event on which to pull away from the competition, there are also a lot of legitimate contenders. As with beam, some of the top teams have more than 2 potential medallists, so we won’t see all of them in the final.

The two gymnasts with the highest D scores going in were Aly Raisman and Larisa Iordache. The latter will sadly not be doing the event in London, and the former had rather a difficult time in podium training: there were problems with her punching out of her first two tumbles on the new mat. Lauren Mitchell of Australia also has a theoretically high D score  and she too fell all over the place.

Of the leading contenders for the title, it would appear that Stoi!’s favourite Ksenia Afanasyeva has done best in podium training. Her new routine is badass.


And this is as far as we got. As it turned out, we were right about the forces of good and evil: a disgusting winner, and two pretty nice minor medallists, if you ignore the twisting form.


9 responses to “Olympic Predictions- Floor EF

  • Stoi!

    Alison, I’m afraid we didn’t write anything for beam other than a shortlist of contenders, so it isn’t really worth publishing. And there is more than a point that can be taken for artistry, it’s just that it evidently isn’t. It couldn’t possibly be, or Raisman would be unable to get an E score of 9+.

  • crasterkipper

    Glad you’re back…I’d given up hope!

  • Maria

    I wish artistic gymnastics had an artistry score for floor and even beam like rhythmic gymnastics does. Great post, I would love to know what you guys thought of the beam final 🙂

  • Alison Clements

    Great to see you back, and thanks for putting these up. Great to see which way you were thinking … it’s going to be very interesting to see your final commentary on the whole thing with the benefit of hindsight.

    My two biggest disappointments were Larisa Iordache’s and Julie Croket’s injuries. They would have been lovely contributions to the final and it was such a shame not to see them go head to head again after the Euro final. I really want to see what Croket can do when she doesn’t slip over.

    Like BLAH, I would also like to see some specific points for artistry with some really tough-love marking that will really separate the wheat from the chaff. Maybe a whole point – with 1.0 being given for gymnasts who are clearly interpreting the music (Julie Crocket), and 0.0 for those for whom the music is just background noise (allow me to be a bit controversial here – rather a lot of the routines that have been choreographed by Adriana Pop).

  • Anonymous

    awesome to see you guys again!! please also post whatever you had written for beam EFs!

  • BLAH

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Raisman.
    The FIG needs to put an artistry deduction into place on floor that takes a tenth away every time a gymnast fails to sync their choreography to their music and a tenth for simply waving arms around which shouldn’t be considered as dance and a tenth every time a gymnasts stands still for two seconds. every 2 seconds of standing still is a tenth off. A tenth off for taking too long of a run into a leap.
    Having said that Raisman should’ve recieved 1.4 points off in artistry deductions alone.
    They also need to use slow motion replay for execution deduction because Raisman’s triple is JUST AWFUL she should’ve recieved at least 6 tenths off for that pass alone. flexed feet, bent knees, piked hips, leg seperation, chest down on landing, hop backwards on landing.

    • Phil

      Raisman’s form in her triple was a hell of a lot better than Ponor or Mustafina’s! Mustafina’s legs were also coming apart in her 5/2 and even her front full.

      • BLAH

        it’s as if the judges only awarded medals to whoever could perform the sloppiest triple – the cleanest –
        the cleanest sloppiest triple won gold
        the second sloppiest triple won silver
        and the worst triple won bronze

    • shaz

      Actually, there is a deduction for some of those things. You can be deducted one-tenth for a pause longer than 2 seconds before a tumbling pass. That’s at every single level. I wouldn’t know if they do deduct the girls at the Olympics and such – but they are supposed to. It’s the same on beam – a concerntration pause can be deductable.

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