Double-double for Grishina.

Blythe is reporting that Anastasia Grishina’s new first tumbling pass is a double-double!

Perhaps the Russians won’t be looking as weak on floor as we suspected?

The pros to this pass : It eliminates the possibility of one of her twisting passes getting downgraded.

The cons : She already tends to take a lunch break before her last pass. She’s going to be exhausted.

Also, she’s going to need to stick a front/side aerial in somewhere. She needs a forward flipping element.

If she could manage to pull this routine off, there’s a big chance of a floor medal.

Komova has added a split leap out of her double tuck, and is going for a triple twist + back tuck. I won’t be impressed with that combo unless it looks like Myzdrikova’s. This would give her a 6.3 if everything is counted; she could even afford to fall out of a turn.

Reports from Tim Dagget & Elfi Schelegal confirm two Amanars from the Russians – Paseka & Komova both landed theirs. Elfi called Komova’s “beautiful.”

Follow Blythe’s quick hits from today here.

– B.

Edit — Thank you’s to A & 21najafast for videos of Grishina’s double-double (I was able to snatch a youtube link) :

Some are saying that she’s getting a pretty big push from her coach, but I still find it impressive because she’s never even competed a full-in. She’s so tiny, and deceptively powerful, my word.

Also, good idea to move the Memmel to the beginning. She usually has a hard time getting it around, maybe she’ll be able to sneak it when she’s less tired (though the one in the video isn’t quite complete – close though).

I’ll be interested to see what she opens with in qualifications. She could play it safe and go with a full-in, and go for broke if she qualifies for event finals. I have a feeling that the Russian camp is going balls to walls though, so we might see it in all phases.

Also, here’s a recent video on Komova. Cutie-patootie.

Looks like Mustafina has really worked on increasing the difficulty in the interior of her beam set – this way she can get by with a double tuck dismount.

Onodi + front aerial + bhs + back tuck, pretty rad combo. Even if the series isn’t completely connected, she’s almost assured of at least counting something as her acro series. I say whore the code to the max if you can do it with style.

Thank you’s to A.Sidorova fan from WWGym for coding up her beam set (I’m sure ya’ll will correct this if it’s wrong) :

Standing arabian (F)
Onodi – front aerial- BHS – back tuck (D-D-B-C) +0.3 (0.1 for D+D and 0.2 for D+B+C)
switch half (D)
Switch ring (E)
Double turn-full turn (D-A) +0.1
Side aerial -side somi (D-D) +0.1
Y turn – split leap fulfils dance requirement
round off – double tuck (B-D)

acro: FDDDD = 2.3
dance: EDD=1.3
CV: 0.6
CR: 2.5

D-score = 6.7  6.5 (Thank you A./A. Sidorova fan for the correction(s).

That’s pretty up there – Russia needs a beam set like this.

Stoi! readers – please feel free to list any more videos in the comments section.

So excited for London!



19 responses to “Double-double for Grishina.

  • glenn

    what is grishina’s new D-score with the double double??

  • Kristal

    I’m not totally confident with that double double. Her coach did a lot of the work and prelims are in four days. I find it amazing that the gymnasts are still training new skills this close to the start. This doesn’t seem the time to be learning new skills. If you don’t have the skills now, its a little late!

    What happened to the double layout Wieber was practicing at the training camps? I hope she throws that into her routine.

    The quick hit blog I’ve been following said the Americans are looking awesome…

  • Sofia

    Mother Russia this is fab-u-lous, just please don’t headcase.

  • A

    If it were given full credit, Mustafina’s proposed beam would only give her a 6.5, unfortunately.

    As it stands, the connections both in & out of the front aerial look too hesitant. However, with a bit of polishing, she has a better chance of being credited with front aerial+BHS as judges appear to be quite forgiving when it comes to changes in direction.

    Like everyone, she’ll be hoping she’s up before Iordache. They’re all a bit glacial in comparison.

  • A.Sidorova Fan

    Hi Stoi

    Sorry but I did make a mistake in working out Aliya’s d-score for beam. It should be 6.5 as acro should be 2.2 not 2.3 and cv 0.5 not 0.6. That should teach me to add up on paper rather than with a calculator 🙂 Apologies for getting people’s hopes up but 6.5 is much better than the 6.1 she was attempting at the Russian Cup.

  • Christiane

    Loved the Edit part with the videos! Love to see you ladies have been working full-time lately! London here we come!!! *bitting nails*

    • Stoi!

      Thanks, Christiane. Between Clara’s growing buddha belly (I’m surprised she can see the keyboard) & my drinking problem, I’m amazed that we’ve been so proactive in updating.

      We aim to please.

      – B.

  • A

    Clip Grishina’s double-double doing the round:

    Blythe’s a bit pollyanna-ish for my tastes. It wasn’t a bad attempt by any means, but was heavily spotted & even with (to my eyes, at least) a boost on the way up, was a tad short.

    Maybe one for AA/EF rather than TF.

  • Gymistoosad

    Russia trains skills in isolation longer whereas USA tends to put together competition routines much more quickly. I think that is the difference.

    With the USA I would think there was a down time after the complete buzz of rtials. Its hard to get up again but I think hey will get back to trials standard. Not sure if they can improve because thy all performed at max.

    Certainly Russia looked determined & healthy & in fact quite beautiful at the airport . Love their trackies!

  • 21najafast


    I didn’t work on Firefox for me. You might try a different browser if you use Firefox.

  • christina

    Grishina does a double double, where did this come from? WOW. Great to see they are upgrading. I’m dying to see Afan’s floor right now

  • Christiane

    Oh… Those are wonderful news!!

  • G

    Russians are so good at downplaying expectations. At euros I got a sense they couldn’t care less if they won. Now they look in fighting form. Word on the street is that the US girls are looking tired and slow….

    • BLAH

      Yeah ! I just read that Wieber’s been struggling with her Weiler Kips on bars and Douglas is missing connections and missing pirouettes on bars as well. Maroney is just doing timers on vault, full bar sets and only dance throughs on floor… No Beam
      And only positive write ups on the Russians!
      OOOOOO I can’t wait for the team finals to see the Russians possibly dominate and take home gold!!!
      THe Poor Americans are always hyped up leading into the Olympics then they don’t upgrade while everyone else does and then they settle for silver. 😦

  • Lebanks

    This is sounding so good for the Russians!
    Lets gooo team!!!

  • missy

    ❤ the Russians!! davai davai!!!

  • M

    Yep, apparently Russia has been looking great. Now they just have to look impressive in Qualifying and Team Finals.

    Blythe also spoke about the beam routines of the Russians in the earlier quick hits. She said this about Musty’s beam

    “Walked into the Russian gym just in time to catch a fabulous beam set form Aliya Mustafina. She looks incredibly concentrated, and it was all
    coming together for her — stuck standing Arabian, side aerial, front aerial, bhs, back tuck combo (stuck), timer for a double tuck dismount. Wonderful. If she can do it like that in competition, she should have a pretty good score. Russia will take that routine.”

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