Maroney Panic

NBC training reports announce that McKayla Maroney, our Olympic vault champion in waiting, has been icing her ankle and doing very little in training.

Could be nothing, and probably is. Gymnasts carry lots of nagging injuries, and the fact that someone has a light training day means nothing. Especially as not all the training was actually witnessed by press anyway- who knows what she did out of the way of NBC’s prying eyes?

However, I want to take this opportunity to spell out how much I fucking despise Marta Karolyi. Because of this criminally wasteful, emotionally abusive skank’s track record, everyone is now panicking (take a look at the boards if you don’t believe me). If she pisses away McKayla’s gold medal as well as all the other major titles she’s let get away, it will be a new low in an already distiguished record of uselessness. And please nobody respond telling us how many medals she’s won. That’s not down to her. My grandma could’ve got medal winning teams out of the talent she’s had on offer- and I mean the one who died in 1981.

I think we need something to calm us all down.

Anyway, let’s have a big Stoi! fingers crossed that McKayla is fine. For the sake of the sport, and also so I don’t have to redraft the vault predictions.


9 responses to “Maroney Panic

  • Kristen

    I have always thought the same thing about Marta. She makes me so frustrated! It is good to read your honest commentary on her because so many people try to cover up her abusive ways. Especially when articles like this: are hitting the mainstream news…

  • Sofia

    Only tangentially related, but I find all the shots in that linked article of her wearing a dress that Porgras would be proud of and hanging out by a beam a bit creepy.

  • Kristal

    If you look at this photo, she’s hiding her right ankle

    They don’t compete until Sunday, so hopefully she’s just sore and will have some time to recover.

  • Stoi!

    Christiane, I mean the fans. I hope the athletes aren’t.

    Christina, i think Aunt Joyce is being far too optimistic there. A minor injury isn’t going to make Marta tone it down.


  • christina

    an other interesting point of view from Aunt Joyce: “It is likely a blessing in disguise that she has a minor ankle issue and won’t be subjected to the intensity of Martha stressing out during the final days.” If it’s just sth minor it will propably be good

  • myth2

    That would be a huge shock. She’s probably the most certain gold medal winner in the whole competition . Let’s hope she’ll be ok, otherwise Sandra will have an easier job

  • Christiane

    What do you mean by everybody is now panicking? You mean the fans (us) or the gymnasts? I despise the Karolys beyond words. I used to be a big Nadia Comaneci fan (still am, of course, she is the best ever) and I was petrifying reading all the reports about the way they treated their team back in the 70s and 80s. The girls couldn’t even drink water for crying out loud…

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