Poll- The Boys

Below, we see the US coaching team dressed in what looks like sailor gear but is actually some of Team USA’s official Ralph Lauren stash.


The question on everyone’s lips, though, is which would you choose? For scones, texting and general romantic merriment.

Chow looks adorable. Geddert appears to be in the best shape- we all know why double breasted blazers were invented, don’t we? No fat gut on his watch. And Mihai Brestyan probably suits the outfit the most out of all of them. I’m going for Artur, though. It’s that grizzly, vodka soaked rubbish attempt at a smile. And the black beret. He looks like he ought to be asleep in a sauna somewhere, with a posse of all his old Red Army buddies. Be still my heart.

Anyway, ever democratic, Stoi! will let the people decide.

We apologise for the lack of a female choice to those whose tastes lean that way. But hey, it’s not our fault Kelli Hill is semi retired. And we all need something to keep us going til podium training.

By Clara


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