Apologies to email subscribers.

Hey everyone —

For some reason yesterday, the posts were going up out of order and I had to change all the times to get them sorted – I forgot that this would send emails out about “new” posts when the posts aren’t actually new.

We have about triple the amount of hits now that it’s Olympic season, so we might be a little technologically overwhelmed (because you know, WordPress is so difficult to navigate). Sarcasm.

Everything should be working properly now – team predictions for everything but floor should be on the site, and sorry for the multiple emails.

We’re working on our team predictions for floor today, and should have it up by tomorrow (and a bunch of other stuff).

In the meantime, are we liking Vika’s new blonde doo?

Going blonde.



EDIT- also, apologies to anyone who’s left a comment that hasn’t come through. We used to only get a couple of spam comments a day, now we get dozens, so we don’t always have time to go through them all manually. So if anyone has sent us a legit comment that we haven’t published, we’re sorry- it probably got stuck in the spam filter.



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