China training footage

The Chinese team, both MAG and WAG, are training at Salto Gymnastics in Lisburn, just outside Belfast. The WAG team arrived earlier this week, while the men and the women’s alternates appear to have got there around the 11th-12th. Surprising date choice as NI is kind of shut then, but evidently they got there ok. Insert own Mandarin/Orange joke here.

It’s quite a big coup for Salto to get the reigning Olympic champions training there – good for them.

The BBC have a short training report on their website:

China Training Footage

Nothing too revelatory, but He Kexin looks quite sharp on her Jaegar-Pak combination and someone, possibly Yao Jinnan, fell out of a triple twist.

The men are so boring that I can’t summon up anything to say about them. Also look out for NI legend Mary Peters throwing a few words of appreciation in at the end.

Edit – Full Twist will be adding some coverage. And check out the photos.

By Clara


5 responses to “China training footage

  • Stoi!

    Looking forward to your coverage full twist. NI has definitely done really well at attracting big name training bases. As well as the Chinese gymnasts, the Cuban boxers are training at Queens- I’m told by my boxing fan brother that this is a big deal.

    M, I would love nothing more than to leave the men alone. Preferably somewhere far away from the competition arena so we don’t have to be bored watching them.


    • M

      Lol, I agree though, the only events I really like for the men are Vault and High bar.

      Horse I think is just a dumb apparatus, I don’t need to see them going around and around and trying not to damage their goods on the thing.

  • Catherine

    Yeah and this year sounded worse than other marching seasons have been. Someone suggested it could be the reason why there is such heavy police presence outside Salto, some merit in that I’d say. Yes it’s great for them, and for Irish gymnastics in general- even though Salto is of course in the UK, their future elites could choose to compete for Ireland. And it and Renmore are probably the only competitive gyms on the whole island.

    Anyway, according to intlgym, that was Tan Sixin. Full twist has photos on facebook, and will be uploading footage, reports and more photos tomorrow. Unfortunately media were not allowed in until training was about half done, and missed Qiushuang’s amanar and Kexin’s full routine.

  • Full Twist

    Hey Clara, will be uploading some footage tomorrow. I was in Salto today for the Media Day. Also have some photos on the Full Twist facebook, will be putting better quality ones up tomorrow also.

  • M

    lol, leave the men alone.

    As you said not much in terms of content, but we saw them 🙂

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