Nabz Out?

Can you hear the sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth?

That’s because Stoi! favourite Tatiana Nabieva, world and European champion, world individual silver medallist, ‘difficult’ in training and advanced proponent of Eurotrashiness is no longer an Olympic alternate. According to Solnishko of TAAF and GGMB, she has a leg injury which prevents her from participating any further.

Given that she was only really in the running for bars, it must be pretty damn serious. Basically this suggests she can’t even dismount. We are devastated.

We are also thinking that the Russian squad is looking increasingly skimpy. The five competimg athletes do not, between them, boast the best health records of late. Afanasyeva was too ill for Euros, Grishina has taken to bandaging her legs up like Tatiana Lysenko’s snowboots every time she competes, Komova was restricted to UB/BB until recently, and we all know what happened to Aliya last year. Inshina is not exactly top alternate material either: yes she trains each event, but is really only usable on beam. This concerns us.

On the other hand, Nabieva wasn’t providing a colossal amount of cover anyway. So maybe her loss doesn’t make that much difference to the team chances.

She was no more relevant to the beam and floor lineup as an alternate than she is now. There was no chance of her competing on either in London when she had two functioning legs, and there still isn’t. Yes she was usable on vault, but no more so than the 5th weakest vaulter on the team Afanasyeva. If one of the top 3 vaulters had been injured out, it’s far from certain that Nabieva would’ve been the replacement. Even if it had been Paseka, useless on everything but vault, they might just as easily have taken the opportunity to bring in Inshina and give themselves another option on beam.

The only event where she was the obvious 4th ranked and there was no cover from within the team was bars. Nabz is a damn fine bars swinger, as one would expect from the reigning world silver medallist.

She could break 15 with a hit set- pretty damn impressive for someone who couldn’t get into the lineup. Saying that, it’s comparatively rare for a gymnast to be too injured for bars. There’s always the possibility of a torn shoulder muscle etc, and a serious enough leg injury will prevent a gymnast from doing anything at all on any event. But as Mustafina, Grishina and Komova all have problems with lower limbs, not upper, the odds are that all three will be fit to do bars in London. It was nice to have an EF quality bars worker in reserve in case she was needed, don’t get us wrong. It’s just that losing her probably won’t make any difference to anything much.

Now all we need to know is what’s the score with Dementyeva…


16 responses to “Nabz Out?

  • Gymistoosad

    Nabs will be in London. She will cheer on the team & go to lots of parties.

  • lebanks

    I know this isnt a post on paseka but.. i’ve only now gotten to recognise her as before she wasn’t in the spotlight much.. but is it just me or is paseka friking cute? loll. Maybe its just me..

    • Christiane

      Thanks! I figured it wasn’t the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation google gave me. 😉

      I will go check this out.

  • Stoi!

    Solnishko is usually a very reliable sources, more so than either of us are. Since then there’s been a poster on TAAF who I don’t know saying basically the same as M, A and Allie (are any of you the TAAF poster?).

    M, I wouldn’t say Nabieva was a headcase on bars anymore. With the old routine, yes. But she was able to hit the set she used at 2011 worlds quite consistently.


    • Christiane

      Okay, I am a newbie so I can ask: what does TAAF stand for?

    • M

      Hey just because she was able to hit it in 2011 worlds doesn’t make her not a headcase anymore. I remember her doing it in the 2011 Worlds EF final, was alright, got a 15 but execution was only 8.4. Now that she has been out for a while, I am not sure how she is doing. My problem with her is that she loses concentration doing her routines and at the wrong time. How she just jumps off the bars is something I can’t get over. She is a good backup, I just hope they don’t have to use her.

      As for TAAF – nope I am not on it.

      I was just basing everything off the interview I read with Rodiokenko on rewriting Russian site (where he said she got injured before selection) and the pics of her on bars at the press day which was a couple days ago. The part where everyone is talking about Nabs being out, was at the end of the Rodiokenko interview where the writer had put a few words about her rehabbing the knee or something like that. That isn’t in the original translation on rewritings Russian site, so I don’t know if the writer went back and put that note after a while.
      However, she was definitely doing bars a couple days ago and she is still with the team.

    • Allie

      I’m not that poster. I only noticed it all after looking at the date of the article everyone cited and then seeing the training pics from the 14th. She also went with the team to the Novodevichy convent today/yesterday so it seems like this is all stemming from a bad translation of an article.

  • Allie

    I’d like to point out something. The article that everyone is using for this situation is from July 12. There are pictures of Nabieva doing a bar routine albeit with a taped knee, from the media day during training from July 14. So it seems like she may still be doing training. What would the point of her training bars when she can’t do a dismount because her knee is too injured? This seems to be a wait and see situation.

  • M

    I am not sure she is too injured to do bars. In the sportsgym article Rodienko did talk about why they chose Paseka instead of Nabs, and he did mention that Nabs had injured herself right before team selection (although that wasn’t the reason they didn’t choose her).

    At the press conference where they introduced the the gymnasts to the press a few days ago and where they performed for them, from the pics she had bandage on her right knee it seems she did perform bars. So maybe it was after that they decided she couldn’t continue, but who knows.

    As you’ve said, she was only useful on bars anyways and a headcase one at that, so we just have to continue hoping that all the girls keep healthy and make it to London.
    However, I do hope it isn’t anything too serious because Nabs is a fun girl.

    As for Dementyeva, I keep hearing that she has foot problems, so I am thinking there is an injury to her foot.

  • A

    Maybe check the TAAF again.

  • A

    Gosh, everyone is making such a fuzz of a misunderstood article and translation.

    She’s just fine. What the article says is she’s not on the team because she doesn’t have the Amanar AND she had a knee injury prior to the team selection.

    When they say she is “out”, they mean out of the team and serving as an alternate.

    As long as there’s no official information, I’m not believing that she’s not even an alternate now. Plus, there’s a picture of her doing bars with bandaging on her leg, but that is it.

  • Christiane

    Shut… No more extra fun and excitement for the team as they prepare for London anymore…
    I hope you are right and this won’t affect the team much, not even psychologically; at this point, I would guess the girls will be sensitive to anything that goes against the original plan.
    On the other hand, we keep seeing pictures of a smiling and confident US team at the Ranch; while the Romanians, lead by Ponor, are probably more preoccupied with how high they can cut their leos than anything else, as they also seem to have everything under (Belu’s) control. Gulp… I should be getting excited with the approaching of the Olympics and instead I am getting worried and worried. Keep the faith! Keep the faith!

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