China confirm fifth Olympic team member

Reigning Olympic champions China announced four of their five Olympic team members last month: Sui Lu, Yao Jinnan, Jiang Yuyuan and Deng Linlin. The fifth spot was left open. Readers may remember Stoi! covering this a few weeks back.

The final berth was between three athletes: He Kexin, Tan Sixin and Jiang Yuyuan. We wanted the divine Tan Sixin, possibly the most interesting athlete to come out of China in what has been a rather ordinary quad for them. Her Youth Olympic Games beam title winning set remains one of the highlights of the past few years- and as an aside, it’s interesting how many of the quad’s best perfomances were delivered at that one junior competition.

But we didn’t get our way.

Our readers, as it turned out, were right. Instead of going for the headcase divine, they went for the headcase cheat. He Kexin will be attending her first legal Olympics. Woop de fucking do.

She is likely to be a one eventer, as it has been more than a year since she competed her DTY and she’s never really troubled the beam or floor lineups. It’s all about bars.

We would hazard a guess that the TF lineups will be as follows:

VT- Deng Linlin, Huang Qiushuang, Yao Jinnan

UB- Huang Qiushuang, Yao Jinnan, He Kexin

BB- Deng Linlin, Sui Lu, Yao Jinnan

FX- Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu, Yao Jinnan

Huang Qiushung is training an Amanar, so that livens things up a bit.

This means all the top four teams are likely to have at least one 6.5 vault in TFs. They’ll certainly need this to offset Deng Linlin’s relative weakness- her DTY at Chinese Nationals was rather poor.

The team depart very soon, and will train at Salto Gymnastics just outside Belfast. Coach Lu has made some noises about He Kexin’s spot not being guaranteed, too. At the moment, we suspect this is designed to motivate her. But, like the Russians, they don’t have a USOC style federation breathing down their necks. There’s plenty of time for the lineup to be messed with.

By Clara


8 responses to “China confirm fifth Olympic team member

  • Blake Smith (@bloksmit)

    The way I see it, here’s the deductions I see:
    -.1 bent arms on table
    -.3 leg separation on block
    -.1 leg form in twist
    -.1 piked hips in twist
    -.1 Lack of control
    -.3 large step
    -.1 out of bounds
    She looks capable of cleaning it up. Plus, it’s not on podium.

  • christina

    But this last gymnast is going to be used only on bars on TF anyway no matter who she is.

  • MYOB

    Alexandrov needs to put down the crack pipe. China won’t have more than one Amanar in TF–if they’re lucky.

  • annaalamode

    I can’t understand taking He Kexin. They didn’t use her on bars in TF in 2011. Why take an inconsistent gymnast you can only use for one event anyway?

    • christina

      But that’s what they need, a bars specialist, every other event is pretty much covered with Deng, Sui Yao and Huang. They could use a floor specialist but they don’t have anyone. And Tan and Jiang are inconsistent as well

      • annaalamode

        But is she really a true bars specialist if she can’t actually hit bars? Also, burning one out of five spaces on a wildly inconsistent one event specialist seems like a poor decision to me. Even inconsistent three eventers might only miss one even out of 3 or 4. But it just doesn’t seem like a decent risk assesment to take a gymnast who might miss on 1 out of 1, as opposed to a gymnast who might miss on 1 out of 3.

  • M

    China always has secrets so you never know what they will do. They are really a mystery, can’t wait to see.

    Can Tan Sixin do anything besides beam? they don’t need her on it. So might as well go for the headcase that can possibly give you a really high score on bars.


    Did you read Rodionenko’s interview about how he BELIEVES the Chinese are gonna throw 3 Amanars in Team Finals?
    Would you shit your pants if Kexin threw an Amanar in Team Finals?
    I certainly would… she did have a decent DTY at one point?
    I’m sure she’ll be used on vault than 14 year old Deng LinLin.

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