POLL – Komova’s new floor music

By now, we all know Vika’s ditched the techno Swan Lake for an Amy Winehouse/Queen mashup. She debuted this new set at the Russian Cup.

Opinion is hotly divided about the music choice. Your writers at Stoi! are no exception. Bron likes it, I really don’t.

She reckons it will go down well at the Olympics. I think it needs about 17 less music changes for the crowd to be able to get properly involved, and that it sounds like the SEC goes to London. Also, choosing songs with the titles ‘I’m No Good’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ is asking for trouble.

We’ve had a number of comments about this already, so a poll seemed the logical and only way to settle the matter. Result to be declared on Sunday.

Edit- as at 27th June, we have a winner. the public have spoken and it’s a resounding no. Sort it Vika!

18 responses to “POLL – Komova’s new floor music

  • Marissa

    I’m not a fan. I actually loved her techno swan lake, and I find this disappointing in comparison. IMO, it just doesn’t suit her style or personality as well.

  • Stoi!

    A, I think- hope, at least- that the British audience will pay a bit more attention to foreign athletes than the Atlanta crowd did.

    • Gymistoosad

      Thats ok -the only American I remember was Moceanu. The others were forgettable. And now I can only think of her 8 year adopted out sister with no legs probably watching on tv.

  • Gymistoosad

    I like it . You have to transport it to a huge arena with sometimes a lot going on & sometimes to being the only thing (ef).

    It is sharp & not trying to be a dying swan or a fiddler on the roof or yet another anemic anthemic attempt .

    there stll are some gaps to fill in there but I am sure she will make it her own by London.

  • Sasha

    I think it’s an improvement on her old routine (yikes!) but yeah, there is WAY too much going on. “You Know I’m No Good” has a great catchy hook and I wish she’d have stuck with that, or mashed it with something more complementary. Alas. At least the choreo is better than last year.

  • A

    Not a fan. Not only is the mix suspect, but I predict the response will be negligible. It didn’t work for the Romanians in Atlanta, why would it work for Komova in London?

  • crasterkipper

    I think the Amy rift will really get the crowd going…and who knows what might’ve happened by the time we get to ‘The show must go on’!..I’m afraid I think it is not only Komova who has less than inspiring choreography – even with Iordache there’s not much time between the power tumbles and mandatory leaps for any actual gymnastic dance moves of note. For me all the content of the routines starts to blur into one…maybe the only exception being Hannah Wheelan, who actually seemed to dance through her routine at the European champs – a refreshing change, and very entertaining in my opinion.

  • Alison Clements

    So … if the music the gymnasts are using is horrible, what would we all suggest they use instead? Anyone got any music they’ve heard that they’ve thought would make a fabulous floor routine?

    A couple I’d nominate (with appropriate editing, obviously) would be:

    – The Dambusters theme. Perhaps a little slow, but the audience would love it and there have been some great routines to slow music in the past so I reckon it could work with the right choreography.

    – Frederic Curzon – The Boulevardier. Sounds like a carnival, I love it!

  • Marguerite

    It is definitely unique… I mean I can’t be too picky, considering I’m not a big fan of really ANY of the music selections this year. Iordache’s possibly but I’m in the minority who doesn’t like the choreography.

    • Alison Clements

      Yes I agree with you re the seniors. I rather like Julie Crocket’s music when she gets to the choreography before the final tumble. And I do think Jordyn Weiber’s choreography cleverly makes the most of every beat. But other than that …

      On the upside, some of the juniors music is terrific. Take a look at Angel Romaeo and Sylvia Zarzu in particular, from the European Junior Championships ’12.

  • emmasrandomthoughts

    Hate, hate, hate. I agree with another poster who said it’s like listening to someone change the radio in the car very quickly. What’s happened to the Russians choice of music?

  • Alison Clements

    I like the first part (the Amy Winehouse bit). It’s just the number of pointless edits that wrecks it. Seriously though, how come so many gymnasts (not just Komova) have such horrible music choices – it isn’t all that difficult to find a rousing piece of music with a rollicking tune or beat. If I just listened to Classic FM for any random hour of the day I could probably hand them at least three.

  • Cathy

    Nothing really works here–it’s a choppy mix of music that doesn’t fit Komova’s style of dance or body type. Plus, it looks like they just took her Swan Lake crap choreo and recycled a lot of it here, which makes it appear as if Vika’s performing to the wrong music. Actually, it looks like she’s making up the routine as she goes along. The only good thing about this is that Gabby’s routine–which also looks like floor-ex improv–won’t look so bad by comparison.

  • christina

    I actually hope she keeps both songs but they do the edit in a different way, I find it kind of sloppy if that’s the right word

  • Lo

    It changes too many times for with no apparent transistion. Like flipping radio stations.

  • Robyn

    I think it’s a great idea in theory, a la Moceanu’s “Devil Went Down to Georgia” in Atlanta ’96, but awful in practice. I agree there are way too many edits that don’t allow enough time for real audience engagement. It’s too busy. A couple thoughtful edits of “Bohemian Rhapsody” would have been better, plenty of fast and slow instrumental parts in there to mash up. Or maybe I just like my former Soviets doing floor to orchestra music?

  • M

    I like it. I am definitely not a fan of either artist. However, I like it for her. It could be because I saw a video of her practicing to it at a meet, and although she didn’t do any jumps, just a run through of it, she had some spunk with it.

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