Top Tip for Gabby Douglas

We mentioned in our US Nationals piece that Douglas seems incresingly likely to be the third ranked US floor worker in London, and compete in TFs. More silly OOBs can’t be entirely ruled out, but she’s looking like less of a risk than either Maroney or Ross at this point.

A lot has been said about Gabby’s choice of floor music. Bronwyn is not a big fan of pop in floor routines anyway, and certainly a look at the NCAA shows us what road that can lead down. I am more of a fan. Not of this, though. It is pretty awful.

It works, though. Using a big club hit is a great way to get an arena involved, and this song was massive all over Europe not so long ago. People will remember it. So: it works, it has worked, and it will work again.

We have just one tip, though. Gabby needs to throw some robot in there. If she does, she will have the London audience in the palm of her hand. Our British readers will no doubt understand why.

Our American readers, those who do not know the joy of ‘The Inbetweeners’ will find that all is revealed in the link below:

A bit of local knowledge goes a long way. Trust me, it will bring the house down.

We all know how audience response can influence a judging panel. If Gabby chucks in a couple of robot moves, that’s got to be good for an extra tenth. Gold medals have been won by less.

By Clara


8 responses to “Top Tip for Gabby Douglas

  • Court

    Hi, I found this blog on googe’s first page when googling the USA gymnasts….

    Anyways, Gabby’s music is from Star Wars and is really well known. The Inbetweeners were parodying the Star Wars song too. It’s known at the Cantina music and it’s pretty famous. I’ve never even seen Star Wars the while way through, and I immediately recognized it. They might’ve made a club song with a sample of this, but it’s famous from Star Wars.

    LMFAO has a funny video set to this music as well.

  • anthony

    Can you tweet this to her so she does it? I will laugh my ass off and love her forever

  • gottaluvgymnastics

    hahaha nice blog wish i discovered this blog earlier. you go gabby (even though im rooting for larisa)

  • Stoi!

    Do we have a facebook page?

    • Christiane

      LOL. I was wondering the same!
      Can’t wait to hear your comments about the Russia Cup, and most importantly, about the definition of the training squad. :0)


    Anna Li should be a pal and hand over her choreo/music to Gabby.
    Mattie Larson should do the same w/ her 2010 set for Maroney.
    I also wish that Finnegan’s floor music was all spanish guitar, because her music gets really junior sounding after her double Memmel turn.

    • emmasrandomthoughts

      I can’t stand Finnegan’s music. The guitar is lovely, but the sudden garish (can I use garish to describe techno music?) is painful. I turn down the sound when I’m watching her floor routine, and I highly recommend everyone else do that.

  • Jen

    Hysterical. I love your blog. Please make your Facebook page a brand page and not a personal profile so I cam follow you!

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