Euros Predictions: Floor

Clara & I did our initial predictions before Russia went splat all over the place in prelims, so we’re revamping (cheating).

It would make more sense to do prediction threads after qualifications, but our readers are well aware of the fact that we’re not the most timely or efficient of skanks.

You’re lucky to get our predictions for the Olympics by next Christmas.


Floor qualifiers :

1. Iordache 6.4/15.133
2. Ponor 6.2/14.8
3. Ferrari 6.1/14.6
4. Whelan 5.8/14.333
5. Crocket 5.7/14.266
6. Bulimar 5.8/14.2
6. Tunney 5.7/14.0
7. Livchikova 5.8/14.0
8. Pihan – Kulesza 5.6/13.833

This is perhaps the most difficult to predict of the four finals, and the most open. There really isn’t a favorite. Europe has several very decorated floor workers, but most of them won’t be competing. Reigning champion Izbasa only did one event in prelims, we assume to protect her.

2009 and 2010 winner Beth Tweddle has been left at home, also as a protective measure.

World Champion Ksenia Afanasyeva is recovering from tonsilitis, and last time’s silver medal winner Diana Chelaru didn’t exactly make the team.

That’s not to say we’ll have a new champion, necessarily. 2004 Olympic champion Catalina Ponor remains as strong as ever.

We didn’t enjoy Queen Cata’s routine in preliminaries as much as the judges or the crowd, but in our defense, we were still recovering from the Russians going down faster than a hooker with no kneecaps.

Anyone who can still throw a double layout at her advanced age is OK with us. When Bronwyn was 24, she was in grad school, still flashing her panties at frat parties.

Ponor’s main competition will come from her teammate, Iordache, who qualified first, and is rocking a routine worth 6.4.  She’s recently revamped her tumbling, re-added her quad-spin, and even looks to have a little room to improve.

Not that she needs it, but she has enough spunk & energy to probably dismount with a full-in.

Absent from floor finals is  Mother Russia. We called this being their weakest event prior to the competition, but we didn’t expect all 3 of them to tank in such epic proportion. Right after one another. Like kommie domino’s.

Our original Russian favorite for a floor medal was Grishina. The photo below taken by Grace Chiu encapsulates everything that artistic gymnastics is supposed to be.

As always, Grishina is stunning when she hits, and capable of utter woefulness when she doesn’t. She’s not the best in a pressure-cooker situation, and falls from Sidorova & Mustafina couldn’t have helped her fragile/impressionable young psyche.

Naturally, she ass-sat her second pass today and won’t be in finals. Stoi! shed a few tears.

Nastia gave an interview after qualifying. We have no idea what she’s saying, but it looks as if  she dunked her head in so many buckets of  glitter that it’s no wonder she couldn’t see the floor. Rupaul can relate.

Vanessa Ferrari is always a good bet to make a run at a European floor medal. She narrowly won the Test Event in January, over the lovely Victoria Moors of Canada.

Once again she’s working the double-double and the full-in + (pause) back tuck.

Though both are very exciting, our main hope for Vanessa is that she doesn’t try to fit into one of her 2006 leotards again. How she stayed in that black number last time round, we’ll never know. Tit tape only goes so far.

Julie Croket gets cutie points, and we certainly didn’t see that third pass coming.

The girl knows that she isn’t a Komova or Grishina, but she definitely werks what her mama gave her. And performing in front of a hometown crowd doesn’t hurt.

Our outside shot at a floor medal is the lovely Livchikova. Ukraine slipping to 10th and missing team finals is actually better than we expected.  Though we wanted her to make beam finals (she fell twice), graduating to any final is gold in our books.

Her routine from prelims :

Ineligible for London, we hope that she practices her ass off this summer and comes with guns a’blazin’ for 2013.


1. Larisa Iordache

2. Catalina Ponor

3. Vanessa Ferarri

Iordache will be the only medallist to wear a properly fitting leotard. Perhaps it’s for the best that Izbasa isn’t in it.

By Bronwyn & Clara


5 responses to “Euros Predictions: Floor

  • Emma

    YAHOOO! Larisa has a Silvia’s!!!!!!!!!! And like you said she probably could upgrade things like her double tuck to a double pike. But good job to Larisa !!!☺😃😊😄 I really hope that she medals on FX and BB andddd … AA in london cause she’s fabulous I love her. Next Romanian superstar!!!

  • Stoi!

    Vika should win bars quite easily, Christiane. With no Mustafina or Tweddle, she’s in a class of her own almost as much as she was at worlds. All she needs to do is not make a serious error, and she’s actually very consistent on that event. So make sure you’re up on Sunday!

  • Christiane

    Oh mine, what a miserable day for Russia today in Brussels! I am so disappointed. And then lovely Liv (Ukraine) falls twice from BB?? Gee, I am going to bed. Wake me up if Vika or Grisha manage to win something…

  • missy

    well Russia just bombed fx 😦

    Grishie had her mandatory fall on fx this time, so no Russian EF on FX 😦

  • christina

    looks like Catalina and Larisa (huge 15.133 from Larisa) will be on floor finals from Romania.
    And the score for Grishina was only 13.133, it makes me wish everyone else will fall so she can qualify

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