Euros Predictions: Vault

Leading contenders: Oksana Chusovitina, Sandra Izbasa, Anastasia Grishina, Youna Dufournet, Maria Paseka

Other EF prospects: Giulia Steingruber, Anastasia Marouchskaya, Wyomi Masela, Erika Fasana, Valeria Maksiuta, Jana Sikulova

Izbasa is the reigning champion on this event and, despite her recent injury, is probably the favourite to retain her title. Following an upgrade, her first vault is now a Mustafina (D score 6.1) and the DTY is the second vault.

Try not to be blinded by either the hair bleach or the arse cheek on display in this video: instead, enjoy the upgrade and the knee socks. we would kill to see both of those in the EF. It would be one way to top last year’s neon green leo and eyeshadow combo.

We anticipate scores of about 15.1 and 14.9 respectively for these two vaults, assuming Euros scoring is as usual a bit tighter than worlds. This would give an average of 15ish: not easy to beat.

The evergreen Oksana Chusovitina approaches what must be around her 20th Euros by now, and comes in as the reigning world and European silver medallist. No doubt we’ll see her characteristic hugely powerful windmill legged vaults. At optimum difficulty she does a rudi and a double twisting Tsukahara, but sometimes performs a half twist less on each vault. As she is perfectly entitled to do, at her age. The woman deserves medals for pelvic floor strength alone. At maximum difficulty, she could get past Izbasa thanks to D score advantage. But we suspect she’ll throw the usual rudi and Tsuk 1.5 here. Both are usually solid and yield a final score in the high 14s.

Don’t laugh, but we think Grishina is a leading contender for a vault medal. Admittedly, she didn’t cover herself in glory in her last big vault final, the test event.

That Omelianchik attempt was redolent of Ludmilla Ezhova’s finest vaulting efforts. Nonetheless, she’s improved in leaps and bounds since then, and is now rocking a nice DTY and Pod. Teammate Paseka is also doing a DTY, but with a Lopez second vault. We hope her Yurchenko looks nicer than it did last time we saw it. Apparently it did according to Blythe’s quick hits, so we think she’ll probably pip Grishina to bronze.

Interestingly, last year the easier but better executed vaults won out over the more difficult but less pretty. Perhaps that could happen again. For this reason, we don’t think Steingruber is getting on the medal stand. Her podium training efforts haven’t been particularly well executed, according to our good friend Albert from The All-Around. Her total D score is 11.6, 0.2 higher than Grishina and 0.7 higher than Dufournet, but we still think there’s a fair chance of her finishing behind them both.


1. Sandra Izbasa

2. Oksana Chusovitina, who’ll save the DTT for London

3. Maria Paseka, with DTY but no Amanar. Yet.

(4) Anastasia Grishina

By Clara


One response to “Euros Predictions: Vault

  • Christiane

    I tried! But I did got blinded by Izbasa’s arse cheek on the video… Hehe, you guys are too funny. But, really, that gotta be a little uncomfortable. You guys are cute on your devotion to Grishina… 😉 I sure hope she won’t disappoint. I like her but Victoria is still my favorite.

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