Mother Russia announce Euros team

Hot on the heels of our preview this morning, Alexandrov has put us all out of our misery and confirmed the last two spots on the team. Like us, he chose Sidorova. And the last spot went to Paseka.

That’s probably a sensible choice. While Paseka isn’t necessarily the best use of a spot, in that she’s a vault specialist who only has a DTY, the other alternative was sending an injured Dementyeva to quite possibly only do floor.

This is Maria’s vault from the tri meet with Switzerland and GB last week.

A bit crap, if we’re honest. The 8.9 E score was a touch generous. It’s interesting that she overtwisted it, though.

Anyway, these are the lineups I’d like to see, remembering that Stoi! initially advocated for the most experimental team possible:

VT- Paseka (or why send her), Sidorova, Grishina. Though Mustafina is their best vaulter, she’s also coming off a serious injury. Rest her.

UB- Grishina, Komova, Mustafina. Unarguable and unbeatable.

BB- Grishina, Komova, Sidorova. They all need the numbers more than Mustafina.

FX- Mustafina, Grishina, probably Sidorova. There’s a gap here, really.

But I suspect Mustafina will vault instead of Grishina, and probably do beam too. The bars and floor lineups are pretty much settled, though. Neither Paseka nor Sidorova has the remotest chance of contributing on bars. Mustafina clearly isn’t back yet on floor, but both Sidorova and Grishina can score high 14s when things go well. Komova isn’t doing floor at the moment, and Paseka has nothing really to offer either.

Stoi! readers, what are your ideal Russia lineups?

By Clara

*edit* Komova has apparently confirmed that she’ll do bars and beam only. Thanks to Solnishko for the information. With this in mind, the team selection makes total sense.


16 responses to “Mother Russia announce Euros team

  • Stoi!

    I don’t think we’ve yet had any confirmation of either Sidorova or Paseka landing Amanars on a hard surface, so we can’t assume we’ll see anything other than DTYs from them yet. They’re certainly training the vaults with London in mind, though.

  • BLAH

    No AA at Euro’s this year AAWWW! now i know they’re gonna rest their AAers on each of their weakest events… no FX for Mustafina … no VT or FX for Komova…. no BB for Grishina
    And clearly Paseka and Sidorova are gonna throw Amanars in the team final… both are training them and why else would they be going?

    VT – Paseka, Sidorova, Mustafina(DTY)
    UB – Mustafina, Komova, Grishina
    BB – Mustafina, Komova, Sidorova
    FX – Grishina, Sidorova, Mustafina

    I forgot how stubborn Mustafina is with her “I’m gonna win” attitude and you KNOW she’s gonna have her way and become the unofficial AA winner at Euro’s! She’s been competing in AA competitions every chance she gets.

  • Brook

    VT- Sidorova, Mustafina, Paseka
    BB- Sidorova, Komova, Grishina
    Prob., from Aliya

  • Ying

    I think Mustafina will vault instead of Sidorova, who fell off her DTY in the recently friendlies. I still have faith in Mustafina’s Amanar. She may test it in the euros if she’s already got it back. If she still performs a DTY or doen’t perform at all, well…she may not do the Amanar either in the olympics.

    • Stoi!

      I think it’s way too early for Mustafina to be doing Amanars. We might not actually see an Amanar from her until London team finals. Just because she doesn’t warm one up doesn’t mean she won’t chuck one when it counts.

      Personally, I think she shouldn’t do it all. She should work on scoring as high as possible (around a 16) on bars to offset her vault score.


  • Stoi!

    Jaz, I would guess it’s because Belo isn’t really a contender for the Olympics. She’s only a less impressive version of Afanasyeva, when it comes down to it. While it might be worth Russia taking a floor specialist if she can add about 0.4 to the team total and deputise on other events, as Afan can, Belo doesn’t tick those boxes. She probably won’t significantly outscore the 3 locks. And with it being an Olympic year, it’s hard to justify sending anyone who isn’t in the running for the Games.

    It’s true that Belo would arguably be a better fit if they just wanted to maximise the team total here, though.

    VT- Sidorova, Mustafina, Grishina
    UB- Komova. Mustafina, Grishina
    BB- anyone except Belo really
    FX- Belo, Grishina, Sidorova

    That would probably add about 0.3 on vault and 0.5 on floor.

    Ying, we don’t know what the injury is, but Demy was apparently visibly limping during the tri-meet recently.

  • Jaz

    Does anyone know why Yulia Belokobylskaya wasn’t in contention for the last spot, seen as Afanseyava is injured and she is the other floor specalist? Was she injured or something?

    I think Russia should test out the young’uns in qualification and then decide which option to you with experience or youth.

  • Ying

    Demy injured? When? Is it serious? She competed the tri friendly meet only recently. I am so sad. I thought she’d definately go to the euros.

  • Stoi!

    Thanks Christiane. We love Grishina! That’s the main reason we’ve been advocating for her to take centre stage at Euros, for some time now. Sink or swim. It’ll do no harm for Mustafina and Komova to keep things low key.

  • Christiane

    I think you guys are a little tough on Grishina… she just turned senior and already has an Olympic Games ahead of her, with extra stress of getting her team big reputation back. Aliya and Vika had much more time and opportunities to prepare for the big event and learn to deal with pressure. I definitely wouldnt want to be her right now. Oh, by the way, I love this blog!!! Just found it. You guys are so smart and funny and Stoi! is a great name. Keep it up please!! :0)

    • Stoi!

      Grishina is my absolute favorite gymnast, and one of Clara’s. I think that’s why we’re hard on her.

      But we have to face the fact that the girl has hit 1 (Jesolo) out of the last 6 (Tri-Meet, 3 Days at Russian Nationals, Jesolo, Test Event where she almost broke her neck) beam routines she’s competed. I’d like to dismiss her recent beam misses on “being a new senior”, or “coming back from injury” (and I did this for awhile), but now it would be complete and utter denial.

      The worst part is that she isn’t just fucking up one skill in particular that can be tossed in the shitter. First it was the double pike to her head (Test Event), the layout (Russian Nats), double turn (Russian Nats), and most recently the illusion turn (Tri-Meet). When she’s on, I think her beam is even better than Komova’s. But that doesn’t happen often enough.

      At Euro’s, I’d like to go for Grishina, Komova, Mustafina as a beam lineup. But Sidorova might be safer than Grishina. She’s not as aesthetically pretty to watch, but she usually stays on.

      I’d also like to point out that this team is the exact 2010 JUNIOR Russian European team minus Malikova, plus Mustafina. When is the last time 4 junior Russians were healthy enough to limp in as seniors? I find this most impressive.


  • christina

    I’m disappointed not to see Dementyeva. I’d put Aliya doing AA but everyone says Grishina desperately needs competitive experience (I don’t see how experience will fix her consistency to be honest). So I agree with your lineup, let’s put Grishina in the AA and pray she won’t fall (at least not more than once).

    • Lebanks

      The experience really wouldn’t harm Grishina.
      I think it would definitely help her at the Olympics, as she would have even more experience dealing with pressure and the feeling of being watched by a big ass crowd. It could only be for the better I suppose.
      Even so if she has the numbers… does she have the nerves of steal??

      • Stoi!

        I’m really starting to get worried about the state of Grishina’s legs – at first glance I thought she had a leg warmer on instead of tape. I’m wondering if she has shin splints?

        Part of me wants to save her for next year – I really think next year could be her break out year – the year after the Olympic is typically a bit depleted. Part of me wants to save her and just have her compete bars and beam in London. But I want her to do all-around in qualifications, so I’m kind of on the fence.

        – B

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