Liukin training footage

Footage has emerged of Nastia Liukin training beam. Only 22 seconds of it. But, this being the first sight the world has had of her doing anything other than photoshoots, crap adverts, exhibitions and fag hagging since summer 2009, predictably the gymternet is atizzy.

For what it’s worth, our take is that she looks pretty good minus funky takeoff leg in the switch half.

And she certainly appears to be in competitive shape. People should’ve cottoned on earlier about the comeback when she got skinny again last year.

However, this may not be particularly telling. Nastia herself has tweeted that she’s finding beam much easier than bars. And she’s always been able to get through a lot of her beam skills even when not at the peak of physical fitness.

So while this footage is very exciting and encouraging, it doesn’t tell us that much about how far along the road Nastia genuinely is. We expect, however, to see her looking pretty fierce at US Nationals and Trials, on beam at least. Possibly the lack of bars footage tells its own story. ‘Her’ spot remains open, anyway, Bross having done herself no favours whatsoever in her two competitive outings this year so far. And we still think Nastia basically has the easiest path to the Olympics of anyone, whether she manages to achieve it or not- all she really has to do is hit her 2009 bars set, and she’s on a plane to London.

Equally noteworthy is the fact that USAG have supplied this training footage. We’re loving their new, pro-coverage attitude. Praise where it’s due, well done USAG and long may it continue.

By Clara


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