Tweddle out of Euros.

Beth Tweddle has a minor knee injury and is being rested from Europeans because of this.

Read the official team announcement here.

Sad, but probably for the best. I’d have liked to see her bag the full quad of European bars titles, but not half as much as I want her to medal in London.

The team is: Danusia Francis, Jenni Pinches, Hannah Whelan, Rebecca Tunney and Imogen Cairns. Veteran heavy, but with a touch of new senior. Tunney is the obvious replacement for Tweddle, given that their strengths are the same.

One imagines the TF lineup will go something like this:

VT – Pinches, Whelan, Cairns

UB – Francis, Whelan, Tunney

BB – Pinches, Francis, Whelan

FX – Cairns, Whelan, Tunney

Interestingly, there are no survivors from the silver medal winning lineup last time. Realistically, this now takes GB out of the running for team bronze. Bronwyn thinks they’ll be lucky to place top 5.

They don’t really have any EF medal contenders either.

Even still, Danusia looks ready to party:

– Clara


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