Komova upgrades hair

Mother Russia competed in a tri-meet against Switzerland and the GB B-team this weekend. Naturellement, they were dominant and things were interesting. We’ll no doubt be bringing you some coverage of the actual gymnastics in due course. More importantly though, Komova appears to have had a perm. Priorities are priorities.

Regular readers will know that Stoi! venerates Eurotrash, and that I in particular love the curls. I love them more than anyone in gymnastics except perhaps Marta Karolyi – and that is the only thing that old sow and I have in common.

So of course I was beyond excited about Vika’s new do. Now, I fully concede that it looked dreadful in competition.

Conditioner yes, hairbrush no. I can’t stress this enough. And when it looks like that, just put it in a bun. Or, if British, backcomb it and pile it on top of your head (some of us are fortunate enough to be able to achieve that look simply by shaking, rather than spending half an hour on the hairspray, but not everyone is similarly blessed).

It did, however, look rather fetching during warmups earlier in the day, clipped into a neat little low chignon. Suited her very well, in fact:

Bronwyn doesn’t like it, but she’d be all over it if there were bangs.  Someone on TAAF suggested that Vika had ‘dragged a brush through it’ before the competition, and it really does look like that’s what happened. I might post her a wide toothed comb.

We have yet to receive confirmation on whether this was a temporary look or not. Fortunately, it’s been confirmed this week that she’ll definitely be at Euros, along with Grishina, Mustafina and 2 others. So we’ll be able to get a good look then.

On another note, the full brow is very on trend.

By Clara


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