Can this be true?

Stoi! dearly loved Dasha Joura of Australia, one of last quad’s most shining stars. I love that Izbasa is the Olympic floor champion, but it still rankles that her main competition for the title wasn’t Joura’s stunning effort, but Shawn Johnson. Dasha’s floor routine in 2008 was perhaps the best we saw all quad. Her Australian Nationals set from 2008 would have certainly medalled in Beijing.

But it wasn’t to be. By the time the Olympics rolled around, she was injured, and had a terrible time. Which is not to underestimate the contribution she made to the Australian team challenge despite having only one working lower limb. Anyways, she retired and swanned off into the sunset to enjoy university and life away from the hideous Peggy Liddick. That was that. It rubbed salt into the wounds that Lauren Mitchell’s awkward, ungainly floor set won Australia’s first ever floor title instead of Dasha, but I was so high on the Mustafina crack at the time that I was able to put it to the back of my mind.

But now, news reaches us that the lovely Miss Joura is back in training again! Tom Pichler of Queensland facebooked the following:

The Queensland State Championships are on next weekend, Sunday the 22nd April at 5:30pm. They are being held in the Arena at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler, Brisbane. Come along and show some support for Olympic hopefuls Joshua Jefferis, Chloe Sims, Larissa Miller, Dasha Joura and myself in our last competition in Queensland ahead of next months Australian Championships and Olympic Trials.

(thanks to Mez for the information)

Is this too good to be true? It certainly came from nowhere. Dasha has a younger sister Natalia who is also a high level gymnast, so perhaps he means her. On the other hand, Australian fans had known for a while that Dasha had been back in the gym. It was just assumed that she was training for Cirque or exhibition work.

Presumably we’ll find out next week. Stoi! cannot wait. Come back Dasha, your people (us) need you.


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