Some thoughts on PAC Part 1: Team USA

I was sorely tempted to call this post ‘some thoughts on rimming’ but managed to restrain myself. We’re late to the party again, but this time we can actually blame technical issues. Hopefully fixed now, so let’s get things started again.

The biggest news was of course Douglas once again, this time for the wrong reasons. For those who don’t know, her hand slipped on the vaulting table and she fell, eventually withdrawing from the competition.

She actually did incredibly well to a) do a DTY and b) not die, in the circumstances.

I’ll be honest enough to admit that this was a wasted opportunity for Douglas, and not what I’d hoped she’d achieve here. Falling on an Amanar early season clearly isn’t the end of the world- Johnson in 08 did- but it would’ve been better if she’d come back strong on beam in particular. Obviously she was still sore from vault and the beam errors might be attributable to that. But it’s not exactly reassuring.

But more important than anything else is that once again, Gabby’s bars were excellent. And that’s what really counts. That routine is her ticket onto the Olympic team- everything else is simply the icing. If she continues this streak of hitting them consistently, she’s going. Marta seems to love Gabby, so she should have sufficient currency to avoid being shitlisted due to one bad day. Having won the bars final should also help. Nonetheless, she needs to use the time between now and Nationals (probably not Classics) well. It wouldn’t do any harm if this was her last beam fall for the duration either.

In other US news, Wieber looked a bit more alive than she did at Scam and clocked up another ‘win’. First beaten by an exhibition competitor, then by a junior, she continues to acquire unsatisfying gold medals. More significantly, she hit a much needed bars set. The less said about that beam score, the better.

Ross was pretty enough, but there’s something a bit empty about her work. Seriously lacking in oomph, and the floor music choice doesn’t help.

You just can’t use Phantom when you’re not theatrical. It didn’t even work when Chusovitina did it, and she’s a Soviet. Khorkina could probably have pulled it off, in one of her raddled sub-Bolshoi slapper moments. Not Kyla. Is it too late to hope she gets something that suits her lovely balletic physique more before London?

– Clara


2 responses to “Some thoughts on PAC Part 1: Team USA

  • Sasha

    What’s going on? Russian Championships, Jesolo, and a long interview with Alexandrov, and you have NOTHING to say? I don’t believe it.

    BTW, blog functions much better now.

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