Tweddle Upgrades

Scam wasn’t the only big gymnastics event this weekend. Beth Tweddle competed bars yesterday at the English Championships. After training the double double since, ooh, at least 2005, she finally put it in a competitive routine. And did very well with it.

D score of 7.0, overall score 15.975. Are you watching, Mother Russia?

I need hardly mention that Beth won bars, of course. There isn’t a gymnast in the world who can top that at present, let alone one in England. She sat out floor as a precaution, as the mat was new and very hard.

Bars at the Olympics is going to be immense. Everyone is raising their game, just as was the case this time in 2008. Let us fondly hope China don’t bring along more underage bars specialists. We hear the Olympic squad are working on Shap half transitions, anyway. Come on Wu Lu, you’re the last remaining ingredient for this multi continental upgrade party. We need you.

Tweddle is also working on a piked stalder. It looks from this video at 3.20ish like she intends to do it before the dismount. A big kiss to anyone who can tell us what this would do to her D score.

I hear there was another competition this weekend also. So far, I’ve had the immeasurable pleasure of learning that Ms Douglas eviscerated the competition, but not of seeing any routines apart from Wieber’s AA set. While we’re on the topic of bars, the US really don’t want to be relying on her in Olympic TFs. Definitely not. More to come from moi when videos do. Bronwyn is AWOL at the moment, no doubt driven into Pittsburgh’s seamy underground by the sight of Raisman’s flexed feet.



3 responses to “Tweddle Upgrades

  • Adrien Sauer

    Beth always waters down her routine a tiny bit a nationals… But in 2011 at both Euros and Worlds, Beth was connecting a toe-on full to the Tweddle release. Doing that would bring her SV to 7.3

    She’s had problems connecting it though, so perhaps instead she’ll do a Church, kip cast to handstand, then the Tweddle + Ezhova combination, like she used to in 2008, that would bring her SV to 7.2


  • Laura

    It would replace the C toe-on in her routine and get her to a 7.1.

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