Douglas Looking Fab.

I really wish they’d sub her in, but alas, for yet another SCAM, our high-def tv’s will be subjected to the utter fug known as Raisman’s “toe point.”

Gabby changed her bars dismount, thankfully. Though I’m not usually a fan of hollow-bodied double layouts (they tend to look pikey), this is a vast improvement over her scrappy full-twisting double. Should save her a few tenths. 

But where I’m most impressed is beam. Not even a flutter, even on her full twist. Switch ring? No problem.

What turned me off of Douglas last year wasn’t her headcaseiness, it was her leaps. I’m a leap nazi. I tried to downplay the severity of her hamstring injury, and simply dismiss her as not-flexible. I retract that. Her leaps look great. The switch 1/2 is still dubious, but that leap doesn’t really look good on anyone.

Side by side, she really exemplifies everything that iswrongwith the mechanical stylings of Wieber and Raisman.

Prior to this year, I wouldn’t even considered her as an alternate on the US Olympic team, but I must reconsider. With an Amanar, it’s quite possible that she’s the best gymnast in the world right now. And it’s possible the US could put up 3 UB sets worthy of a low to mid-15. With 3 (or 4) Amanars, watch out, Mutha Russia.

Mustafina better strap on her mechanical leg and get her ass to work!

Edit – I started typing this before the second training session. Aly & Douglas both threw Amanars. Neither are up to snuff with Maroney’s, but not approaching Mustafina/Nabieva territory either. Speaking of Maroney, her “lock” status is now in super-jeopardy.

Raisman’s Amanar:

Gabby’s Amanar :

I’d say Gabby’s is a hair better, but they’re both twisting a bit onto the table. We’ll see if the judges pick up on that. Since it’s SCAM, and they’re American, I’m gonna go with no.

In other SCAM news, Blythe reported that Jordyn is working a front handspring + full twist + backhandspring “combination.”

The fact that she’ll probably get credited with at least one (probably the fhs + 1/1) is nauseating. I realize that it’s the code’s fault for rewarding such trash, not Jordyn’s, but I blame her for even agreeing to do such a cheap code-whoring combination.

It does absolutely nothing for her “artistry”, and makes her set (which has potential) look just as overly-constructed and contrived as her bars.

But it still takes skill and risk – Jordyn & Aly work really hard to out-jock each other, no?

Jordyn’s bars from podium training.

Jordyn’s beam from podium training.

On the international front, it seems like Iordache saved her bigger tricks for the evening sesh.

For a minute, I thought Belu & Betang had managed to mangle her beam already. She did 2 bhs’s to a layout instead of her full twist earlier. Way to Porgras her in the wake of Ana’s retirement. But in the eveing session, she nailed a bhs + tucked full. So not a replacement, but an upgrade. Bitch is bad ass!

USAGYMNASTICSORG is uploading training videos as they happen.



12 responses to “Douglas Looking Fab.

  • gottaluvgymnastics

    Gabby earned my worst leotard award at visas on day 2. Her day 1 wasn’t as bad, but they were overall just ugly. My Best Leo award was a tie- Maroneys Leo n wiebers on day 2.

  • Emma

    Yea Gabbys doing great- her high flying on bars is huge, right there for Marta to see, and I heard she’s got an amanar on vault. She bested jordyn Wieber at the AT&T and I think she’ll best Aly during visas.

  • missy

    I’m not sure if you’re gonna bother making a post at Scam but I’m really interested to see what you think

    • Stoi!

      I’m horrified by the gifts being given. Raisman’s bars scored higher than Iordache’s? Bitch, please.

      I’ll just let Clara do our ENTIRE post about SCAM so I don’t come across as a you know…bitch.


  • missy

    It’s only the 2nd rotation and I think the Russians were better off staying and training at Roundlake 😛

  • anonymous

    Scam commentating at it again, I really hope in the end Komova gets the last laugh

  • Stoi!

    Gabby’s dismount is a deduction monster, but the rest of that routine is stunning. I could watch the piked Tkatchev all day. A 9.0 E score or certainly 8.9 is a realistic possibility for her. She may well be a medal contender on bars!

    The Amanar is great news too. I felt slightly hollow watching it as I realised what this does to Maroney’s chances. And of course, all Amanars look a bit shit next to McKayla’s. But still, cementing Gabby’s chances at London. If she can stay healthy, she must be a frontrunner.


  • missy

    its raining Amanars!!

    Hmm Russia really needs to start getting Amanars as well 😛

    • Stoi!

      “It’s raining Amanars.” I like that.

      Yeah, I really thought Russia’s bars could balance the US’s vault out. But that might not be so…

      • missy

        yeah maybe they can still be competitive with just 2 Amanars, but it depends on the US bars lineup as well. I feel like they also need some cushion for beam as well just because they are not the most consistent beam workers out there. If it was still 2004-2008 quad with more elements counting on bars such that Russia’s bars dscores were mid 7.5-8.0 then they maybe its possible to offset it I guess. Even still bars just has so much more skills to build up your scores and deduct unlike vault.

        I feel like Russia should really prioritize vaulting those Amanars and maxing out consistent upgrades on bars, beam should be focused more on consistency rather than massive upgrades and in floor I guess getting good choreography and promoting artistry to really make them stand out against other teams 😀 But seriously they need to start training those Amanars in the pit now- 😛

      • Stoi!

        I have faith that Russia will have one decent Amanar out of Komova. It seems harder for her to pull it off because she’s added some inches to her frame, but I doubt she’ll be showing up in London Amanar-less. Partially for the team, and because she needs it for the all-around.

        I’m not counting Mustafina out of the Amanar club. She’ll do it even if she’s not supposed to. She’s just like that.

        A third Amanar would be helpful, even if it’s uglier than Mustafina’s.

        I agree with you Missy about beam. They all have enough difficulty, I think they should work on putting the numbers in to back the routines up.

        Komova has upgraded her dismount, and I think she should stop there. No use in adding stuff (I was thinking she could change the switch leap to a switch ring) that you’re probably just going to give away .5 wobbles on…


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