How do you solve a problem like the Patterson?

Not how do you solve a problem like Patterson. The answer to that one is quite simple: pretend the 2004 Olympic AA never happened, and don’t watch anything Carly did after she went senior. No, we’re asking about The Patterson, one of the most difficult beam elements ever done. We’re talking about two this weekend: Komova (see previous post) and Bross.

Yesterday saw the annual WOGA Classic in Plano. Always worth a look, this year appearances were slated for comeback kids Bross and Liukin. Nastia, predictably enough, did not compete. She’s not really there yet. Stoi! imagines that her most difficult skill this weekend was probably signing autographs in stilettoes.

Bross, on the other hand, put her money where her mouth was. She did full sets, complete with dismounts, on both bars and beam. And fell in both routines.

I’m thinking this is probably not the end of the world. The rest of the routine looked ok, it was the most difficult element in the set, and its not like the US have so many potential bars workers that they can afford to be fussy about a fall this early in the game.

Beam, on the other hand, is another story. Video hasn’t yet emerged- hopefully soon- but we do know that Bross threw the Patterson and, as has now become almost routine, sat it down. We’re guessing it looked something like this:

She and Valeri are left between a rock and a hard place really. The Patterson has become her nemesis. Under normal circumstances it would need to go, but its got to be replaced with something. Nothing springs to mind. She hasn’t done a double tuck in years, and the arabian double doesn’t lend itself easily to watering down, single saltos aside. Its not like doing 180 degrees less on a twisting dismount, taking the full out of a full in, or tucking a double pike.

So the choice is clear: either this, or learn something new, five months before the Olympics. Given that there would be no reason whatsoever for Bross to throw the Patterson yesterday if they were intending to chack it, Stoi! is inclined to think they’re going for option number one.

Although saying that, we lost some respect for Valeri Liukin last summer, when he kowtowed to Marta’s clearly bullshit threats not to take Bross to Tokyo if she didn’t do AA at nationals. That sort of shit is only to be expected from Marta. She has form for making athletes injure themeslves doing routines the team don’t need, the ignorant fucker. But anyone with an ounce of sense could see that Bross was getting on that plane if she could get through a bars set, whatever she did or didn’t do at Nationals. One would have thought Valeri fell into the ‘people with an ounce of sense’ category, but apparently not in summer 2011. It all worked out well enough for the US in Tokyo, of course. But more people than Marta may yet have cause to regret being so stupid.

Anyway, good to see Bross back and looking so well recovered. But it appears that on beam at least, she’ll be taking up exactly where she left off.

By Clara


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