Happy Birthday Bronwyn (and Grishina)

Tomorrow, my co-writer Ms Sanders will turn 30. She is an old trout. It’s also Grishina’s birthday- sweet 16. I’ve often thought the two are probably related, and they’re either twins or mother and daughter, but Bron can spill her guts about that in her own sweet time.

Anyway, life begins at 30, and here are some of my favourite examples.

The first, of course, is Chusovitina. There is no other choice. Still going strong at the ripe old age of 36 and a half, she shows every indication of contending for her fifth Olympics.

I genuinely believe she’ll still be throwing that rudi when she’s 90. She’ll make Leon Stukelj look like a lardy old chode.

Next on the list is Larissa Latynina, one of the first superstars of the sport.

Admittedly, competing until pensionable age was more common in the 60s than it is now. But we’re including her anyway, because she did something that was unusual even at the time- returned to competition after having a baby. In fact, she even kept her pregnancy a secret for the first few months. Fuck knows how she pulled that off.

Unlike our other two choices, this last one didn’t return to high level competition after giving birth. We’ll forgive him that, though. Stoi! humbly presents the Lord of the Rings, coming back to own it one last time, aged 35.

It’s hard to say which is more impressive: the routine, or his acknowledgement of fellow 30+ and silver fox Jordan Jovtchev as the rightful winner.

Stoi! readers, please share your choice of top coffin dodger with us.

Meanwhile, I’ve been rude enough already to my esteemed co-writer, so I’m going to present her with a birthday gift. Miss Ksenia Afanasyeva looking stunning on the front of IG.

Happy birthday skank!


5 responses to “Happy Birthday Bronwyn (and Grishina)

  • Stoi!

    AJs post made me think, I wonder if there’d be enough material for a fabulous at 40 post?

  • Stoi!

    You’re all far too kind! Which reminds me that we really need to get our shit together. The review of 2011 remains only about a quarter written.

  • Lu

    Clara just made my day. Told us about B’s B-Day, (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRONWYN!!!) and included a pic of Afan on the IG’s cover. Life is good. There was no need to spill the beans about B’s age, though. We love both of you the same, no matter how old, wicked, cursing, or drunk you might want to be. Thank you B for one more year of fresh good humor and research. Lu.

  • Stoi!Bronwyn

    Thank you bitches!

    I’ll be returning to the blogging world this week. If my old arthritic fingers can still type.

  • AJ

    Happy birthday, Bronwyn! Lucky Grishina sharing it with you.

    Jovtchev has held on, and will be in London for a record sixth Olympics, aged 39.

    Heikki Savolainen always gets a vote from me. He won PH in 1948 at the age of 40 and came back four years later to take bronze on PH. He competed in five Olympics, but because of WWII, they spanned 24 years (1928, 32, 36, 48, 52); he won at least one medal in each of them as well.

    Love Afan on that cover.

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