Selected titbits

We’ve been neglecting our readership shamefully of late. Bronwyn is probably off on an extended long weekend with Ksenia Afanasyeva, and will turn up when they climb out of the vat of egg nog. Now’s the time of year to do it, since things are pretty quiet on the gymnastics front. Oh, there are a few world cup thingies here and there, but most people are licking their wounds from worlds/counting down the days til they get to go senior.  Here are my picks from the past few weeks.

1. Stoi! first to party for once.

The BBC announced their shortlist for the Sports Personality of the Year award, which is a very high profile competition in Britain. For the first time ever, there were no women. Not a great surprise given that they let grubby little wank mags get a say in shortlisting, but for once the ingrained sexism of this award actually got some coverage.

Stoi!, however, brought you this story last year. I think this is the first time we’ve ever been ahead of the curve.

I’m so proud I could shit.

2. Romania and the US won’t be at the Olympic Test Event

On the one hand, this might be sensible in light of The Curse. Gymnasts who win the test event tend to have a disappointing Olympics. Jiang Yuyuan in 2008, Courtney McCool in 2004, Marinescu in 1995, Diane Durham in 1993.

On the other hand, it would’ve been a perfect coming out opportunity for new 2012 seniors and potential Olympic champions Larissa Iordache and Kyla Ross (see if you can work out which one’s from where).  Perhaps they knew I hadn’t managed to get a ticket, and thought it wasn’t worthwhile to bother.

3. Raisman has gone pro

She had been slated to go to Florida to do NCAA, but along with Wieber and possibly Maroney, has decided not to go down that route. Apparently Aly is a very good student and her family are well off, so she could go anywhere she wanted for college anyway. Time will tell whether this was a good idea or not. Here are Maroney and Raisman modelling Ralph Lauren outfits for the US Olympic team.

They’re both beautiful, a fact which they’d do well to exploit over the next few months. There are a lot of high profile athletes in contention for the US Olympic team, and it’ll be almost as interesting to see who gets what commercial opportunity as it will to see who actually makes it to London.


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