The queen bee is back! Allegedly. She’s down on the roster for the DTB cup in Germany, as part of the Russian team. Startlists below:


She’ll be joined by Paseka, also fresh from injury, and Polyan. This could be a very interesting team for Russia- Aliya obviously would have made Tokyo if healthy, and so would Paseka. Our girl Ksenia A will also compete, fresh from her epic and event saving world title.

So, what do we think this means? It’s strange for Russia to put Aliya down if there’s no plan for her to attend. They don’t have the deepest field in the world, but they could have dredged someone else up. Or just not gone. But her injury was not a long time ago. Only seven months. With that in mind, I do hope she’ll be properly paced. Nothing too heavy on the legs. I’m hoping she’ll do bars only. And can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

Her routine at Scam, pre-injury, was very good, and was one of the few highlights of that crapfest.

That set could well have won worlds if she’d been there, although the decision to leave her out was clearly the right one: Russia got a 1-2 on bars anyway, and that one routine wouldn’t have closed the gap between them and the US. But anyway, if she looked as good as that in the off-season, imagine what she might have done with several months when she’s unable to do any other event.

eta – she’s down for bars and beam!

eta – Aliya out, “swelling of the knee.” Uh oh.


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