Grossest Overscore

There are always a few crazy scores, at any major competition. Tokyo was no exception. This season’s most undeservedly gifted gymnasts were clearly Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber.

(Please note- this is not going to be allowed to turn into a US bash. The Americans didn’t get overscored as a group, all the gifts went to these two. Douglas, Maroney and Vega were treated entirely differently).

The international judges seem to just love Raisman. There was speculation that she’d get diddled this year, after the Rotterdam floor final. For those who don’t know, she was initially in first place when her score was given, but the reference judge stepped in. They basically told the E panel ‘you’re doing it wrong’. Well, the wrongness continues.

As our readers are no doubt aware by now, Nastia is aiming to make 2012. She plans to focus particularly on bars. I’m beginning to think she’s not needed. We all thought the US had a bars hole, but evidently not. If this routine got 12.9…

… just imagine what Aly could do if she could avoid falling. All she needs to do is stick the landing and only flex her feet on half the skills rather than all of them, she could probably be in the 16s.

Wieber’s overscore on beam in the AA wasn’t quite as glaringly obvious, but was more significant in the grand scheme of things. Both the E and D scores are utterly unjustifiable. It possibly made the difference between gold and silver- and yes I know the AA is a 4 routine event, but I have yet to see where Komova was overscored sufficiently to compensate for this.

So, this routine got a 6.2 D score. Which means they credited her for connecting the back full to backhandspring.

Just think about that for a while. Marinate in the utter incompetence, luxuriate in the outrage, refresh yourself with the sheer lack of judging ability necessary to fuck up like that.  The D panel Carmen Maria Basla and Helena Beatriz Lario Giminez (remember those names, you’ll be hearing from them again) got this one unarguably, totally wrong. I hope Komova sends them a dog turd in the post.

Last but certainly not least is Raisman’s beam in the final. Thankfully, it made no difference to the medal results.

I’ll leave aside for the moment the usual complaints about flexed feet and ungainly leap positions. International judges have proved time and time again that they don’t give a fuck. But once again, the D score. Those useless skanks Carmen and Helena gave her a 6.4. I’m reliably informed by Stoi!’s friend Danafan from TAAF that this means they must have credited her with everything. Including not only the switch leap, but connecting it to the back pike. The pause she takes between those two elements makes Wieber’s wait between the back full and the bhs look positively tiny.

More egregious, though, is the switch leap. The CV is an issue, but at least they credited that in line with crediting others for clearly not connected elements. That’s still not fair, because athletes who do actually connect their elements don’t get the same undeserved 0.2 on their scores. But it’s justice personified, compared to the utterly different way that Ponor and Raisman’s switch halves were credited.

Carmen Maria Basla and Helena Beatriz Lario Giminez both need to go back to brevet school. There’s no excuse for supposedly world quality judges to be so shit. At this point, I almost hope they were actively cheating. Not sure what would be worse.

Stoi! readers, what do you think was the grossest overscore at worlds?


7 responses to “Grossest Overscore

  • Susannah K.

    Raisman’s bars. Racea’s blatantly underscored bars in the TF, and Raisman’s mess of routine with world’s worst form and flexed feet scored .1 LOWER THAN THAT? Are you kidding me? Raisman should be bowing down to the bar judges; that routine was more deserving of a low 12 or high 11. I sincerely hope Raisman and her fugnastics are not brought to London; she makes a mockery of herself and USA gymnastics everytime she competes.

  • Stoi!

    Interesting insight Gill. And on that note, I’m calling this one. In first place, we have Aly Raisman’s AA bars. In second place, Jordyn Wieber’s AA beam. Well done to all who participated.

  • Gill

    I know a judge who is a family friend. I ran all the routines by her 3 times each. She concluded that the three are over scored. Raisman’s are very obvious. Wieber’s is more tricky for average audience but not for a good judge. It is very obvious. So it is either a bad judge or ….. you name it.

  • Sam

    One word about all the above “Amen”

  • D

    I voted Raisman’s UB because it was an overscore on what was an awful performance. Wieber’s beam has some merits whereas Raisman’s bars are just awful. Having said that Wieber’s overscore pisses me off more because it’s what got her the gold over Komova.

    Raisman scored a 14 in qualies for a scrappy bars with an obvious error on her overshoot. It was a very Romanian routine and yet scored higher than the Romanians.

    Wieber’s AA vault had a 0.3 landing deduction and yet scored only 0.113 lower than her much better TF vault. It was only 0.313 lower than Maroney’s glorious vault and that’s with a 0.3 deduction for the step. Seriously?!

    The judges must be bipolar. One year they credit incomplete Russian turns the next year they don’t but choose to credit connections in Wieber’s beam. If you’re going to be lenient with the scoring it had better be for everybody.

    Raisman’s switch half has wonky technique. She does a switch and then tries to half turn out of it as she’s landing whereas all the good switch halfs out there have the full split after the turn.

    Afanasyeva was overscored on floor but so was everybody else. It takes skill to look that graceful on your knees rolling around the floor mat. That’s some Boginskaya level stuff.

  • Stoi!

    I think you’re on a hiding to nothing trying to defend that D score Ying. It’s not one of those that can be argued either way. She stopped. If a gymnast stops, CV is not to be awarded.

    Afanayseva’s score was too high as a standalone, but appropriate in the context of the final. They started high and had nowhere else to go. It did look a bit silly though, there were almost as many 15+ scores in one floor final than there have been in major competitions all quad. Afanasyeva, Sui Lu, Raisman and Yao Jinnan all got about 0.3 higher than they usually do for a hit routine.

  • Ying

    Other overscores:
    1. Afanasyeva’s floor final.
    2. Wieber’s floor AA.

    And on the contrary, Wieber’s beam AA seems OK to me.

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