Worlds Event Finals cont’d – Beam & Floor.


Bronwyn :

1. Sui Lu

2. Viktoria Komova

3. Catalina Ponor

This is another iffy event final. None of my initial medallists are here – no Livchikova, no Porgras, no Tan, no Dementyeva, no Wu Liufang, no Demyanchuk.

Inshina bores me to tears. I have no doubt that if one of the reserves were her teammate (Dementyeva), that she’d suddenly have some type of “injury” and be subbed. She should be lucky she’s even here – and a World silver medallist – let alone an event finalist.

I’m expecting Sui Lu to take the title, not that she’s my favorite, I have no idea how she packs in so much difficulty. Oh wait, it’s because her routine is completely devoid of choreography. We all have to make sacrifices sometimes.

Komova is aesthetically the most pleasing to watch. Her routine isn’t quite as difficulty (something she’ll want to work on for London), but I’m hard pressed to find many deductions when she’s on.

Ponor has looked great on beam all week. I hate her cheated Kochetkova, but I love her karate chop pose. We’ll see if she goes for the gusto and throws the full-in dismount.


1. Sui Lu

2. Ponor

3. Wieber, knowing the way they’ve been overscoring her this week

This is finally Sui Lu’s time. Our heroine previously boasted a 0 for 3 hit record on beam at worlds, but has suddenly learned how to hit. Historically, she competes much better inside China than out of it. Her fans have long bemoaned the inability to hit internationally. I guess she thought Japan was close enough to Shanghai that she’d make an exception.

Love my girl Cata, coming back at the ripe old age of 23 and pissing everyone off by showing more difficulty than she ever had at her peak, but I don’t think she’ll quite manage gold. Sui Lu is probably of age now, so I can take it. Jordyn appears to have now become a beam goddess, while nobody was watching. If they throw her another 15.2+, watch her get bronze.


Bronwyn :

1. Aly Raisman

2. Jordyn Wieber

3. Viktoria Komova

By this time, the 3 of them (especially Wieber & Komova) should be completely exhausted, and this podium could be completely wrong. But I still think this should be the podium. Raisman for her tumbling alone, and I actually don’t despise her “choreography.” At least you can clap along to the music.

I never thought I’d like a floor routine by Wieber, but I do. This is a step in the right direction. Her third pass is sometimes tricky for her, but if she summons the adrenaline Gods, she should be able to pull it off.

Komova is the last gymnast of the competition. It’s pretty appropriate to save the best for last, right? Will she take advantage of the situation, or crash & burn?

Clara :

1. Aly Raisman

2. Lauren Mitchell

3. Jordyn Wieber

Sorry to say, but I think this is going to be highly unsatisfactory. Raisman, Wieber, Mitchell and Tweddle are all leading contenders, and they’re not all going to fuck up. And we’re missing some of the more complete floor workers from Rotterdam too- no Mustafina, Larson or Izbasa. So forgive me for not being optimistic.

Mother Russia are of course doing their best to bring the beauty. Afanasyeva is unfortunately just a reserve. Komova has been inconsistent, and a bit of an unknown quantity at this point.

I think Raisman will take this one though. She’s exceptionally consistent, and that first tumble is sick hot. It’s true that the reference judges stepped in to stop her from winning the title last year, praise be to Prod, but they still overscored her. And she was smart with her music choice this year. Everyone likes Hava Nagila, so people will clap. And then the judges will think she’s managed to make a connection with the audience. Mitchell’s 6.4 D score is about as plausible as all the other scores she got at the recent Nationals, but she’s still very strong. Her routine is disgusting and cynical- she now has badly controlled leaps out of every tumble- but it’s broken 15 here. And Wieber is one to watch too.

I’m going to come out and say it though, I want Ferrari to win. Never been a fan before, not even in 2006 when people were all in a tizzy about her, but she is now the lesser of several evils. Anyone who can do a double double, with boobs, is a friend of mine.


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