Twenty Year Anniversary


8 responses to “Twenty Year Anniversary

  • Christina

    I can’t believe I ever thought Kim Zmeskal couldn’t dance. Okay, she couldn’t, but compared to 99% of what’s out there these days, she’s practically Boginskaya.

  • Stoi!

    I’ve come to expect judges to ignore artistry issues. What I do insist on is that they don’t give unjustified difficulty scores. If Wieber connected that back full bhs on beam, my arse is the pope.

  • TCO

    BTW, the front page of your blog is really weird. First post is this one, but then you have stuff from April (for a long while was stuff from March). Please troubleshoot and fix. IF you don’t know how, reach out for help.

  • TCO

    I like it when USA beats the Soviets.

  • Queen Elizabeth

    It’s funny but I thought the same. There are parallels first with Rotterdam 1987 – an energetic, confident team beating a more refined but less consistent team. This I can accept.
    Then, sickeningly, 1991. Wieber more than matches Zmeskal as a highly controversial world champion put in first place by judging that was at best insensitive to questions of artistry.

  • missy

    I am still pissed!!!

  • missy

    ok I am a bit calmer now, Komova did not have the greatest floor routine and sounded tentative on beam from the quickhits but still :-(((((((((

    HMMPHHH I hope this super motivates her for 2012 Olys!!!

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