Fuck You Marta, Part Two

Another in what will no doubt become a regularly occurring series.  That fucking skank has left Alicia in the US roster for prelims. She had ample time to change it after the injury, and didn’t.

Now, this is objectionable on two levels. The first is for reasons of sense. Alicia is no longer even in Japan. There is zero possibility of her taking any further part in this competition, not even of the wheelchairing round the arena being supportive variety. It is not going to happen. Anna Li, the alternate, is not in the rudest of health herself, but is still at least able to get through a bars routine. Here she is in podium training:

Obviously this routine would score in the 13s, but that is still more than Alicia can offer at the present time. And Anna is, according to her Twitter, still training bars. Or was yesterday anyway. Where’s the harm? Neither is the ideal choice for a 6th team member, but it is clear which one is capable of contributing more. It isn’t the one with the fucked Achilles. Yet she remains on the roster.

The second is for reasons of not being a complete and total arsehole-ness. Just imagine how it would feel to be Anna Li, knowing you’re considered to rank below someone who can’t walk unaided. Who isn’t even on the same continent. I’m not saying Anna is likely to make a fulsome contribution to the US at the moment, given her injury, but this is an unnecessary insult. Hideous excuse for a human being. No doubt Part Three will come soon enough.


3 responses to “Fuck You Marta, Part Two

  • Patti

    Livchikova is injured too- 😦

  • Stoi!

    I did wonder that myself, but it’s still stupid. And would Alicia want a medal that only reminded her that she didn’t get to compete anyway? By the same token, some have raised the possibility that this is all a plan to sub Anna in for TFs- you can do that now with the alternate- and therefore get 7 team medals instead of 6. That would also be idiotic.

    C (Bronners is off on a haunted hayride, whatever the fuck that is)

  • KP

    I wonder if Marta did it so Alicia could win a World (team) medal and take the US medal record? Or maybe just so Anna Li /doesn’t/ win a world team medal. Is she more likely to be sentimentally pro-Alicia, or bitchily anti-Anna?

    (I’m voting bitchy, for the record.)

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