There are two things I’m really not trying to hear, see or even be aware of at the moment. The first is Komova’s newly mangled bars composition. Here she is in the heats of the Challenge Cup yesterday:

What the fucking fuck was whoever rejugged this set smoking? In fact not even smoking, they must’ve been injecting it into their eyeballs. It makes Elise Ray’s composition from Sydney look positively smooth. News flash Mutha Russia, gymnasts are supposed to get better on bars when they have long layoffs with ankle injuries.

She absolutely deserved to be outscored by Wu Liufang, who was skirting close to disappointing herself by failing to connect the Pak. Still though, we maintain our insistence that she go to worlds.

Numero dos is the news that Kohei Uchimura has sprained his ankle. I’m sorry, but this is entirely unacceptable. End of.

I would add a poll as to which is worse news, but I’m just too peeved. Bollocks to it all.

eta- apparently this is our 125th post. If I’d known, I’d have made it about something more seminal than this, but whatever. Thank you for coming this far with us, ladies and gentlemen and everything inbetween.


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